Friday, February 24, 2012

Health Expo in Iloilo

This has been a very busy week for all those involved in the PAFCOE program! Every morning we had classes as usual, but instead of selling books in the afternoons, we’ve been doing other outreach activities!

Every afternoon for the past week, we have been having a health expo in an empty part of the Robinson’s Mall, complete with all the check-ups, banners and everything! All the PAFCOE students have had a chance to give a short 5-7 minute lecture on one of the 8 laws of health. They have done a fantastic job and are very enthusiastic and interesting as they speak!

But the most amazing part of all that happened this week, is that Dad, Dr. Blessey (the Doctor who’s with us from Manila for a week) and several others were invited to visit the mayor of Iloilo. Instead of meeting him in his office, they went to his home. He warmly welcomed them and they learned that he had health problems which could all be fixed by changing his lifestyle. They stayed at his home for about an hour – talking and sharing with him. The mayor is so interested in health!

He then invited Dr. Blessey to come to his office and give a health lecture to all his staff at the government place. So the next day she did. The mayor must have also highly recommended our health expo, as that afternoon, we had a great increase in the number of people who came through it! Over 150 people went through the health expo, and about 95% of them were the government workers! Praise God! They were all enjoying it and having a great time! In fact, they showed up at the health expo before all the workers and helpers could get ready!

Every evening, Dr. Blessey has been having health lectures in a hall and has been well attended. She talks about nutrition and other health-related issues. Sometimes there’s a cooking demonstration and tasting and other interesting things. It has gone over very well here!

Tonight we’ll be starting the evangelistic meeting. Thank you for your prayers that God will bring many people to the meetings and help them to be open to the good news of His truth!

So after the weekend, I’ll write about what happened! Below are some pictures from the health expo which took place all this week.

NEWSTART health expo at the Robinson's Mall

Taking blood pressure

Dr. Blessey doing testing on her machine that looks at the capillaries under the fingernail. Very interesting!

Long line of people waiting to get checked

"How tall are you?"

Getting counseling

Lots of the government workers were there.

"What does your blood capillaries look like?"

Body fat analysis

Philen lecturing on Exercise

Happy PAFCOE student!
Finding time to do homework, in between lecturing

Jeremiah enthusiastically lecturing on Temperance.

Julius talking about water

All the ladies in the green jackets are government workers.

"We need fresh air!"

Health age results

Joefer doing a talk on trust in God.
Truly health is the right arm of the gospel!