Wednesday, August 13, 2014

PAFCOE has begun again!

PAFCOE session 6 has begun and God has indeed blessed us! We have 43 students from all over the world, from Japan to Korea, from Cambodia to Australia, from the US and of course, from all over the Philippines! It's so amazing how God brought them from their respective countries and places to Manila to learn how to become effective soul-winners for Him!

Many of the students came "by faith." This simply means that they are depending totally on God to provide for their tuition expenses and everything else they need. Some have already been blessed to have their earnest prayers answered as God provided them a sponsor! But there are still a lot who daily pray for God to provide their needs and we know that He will because He has a thousand ways to provide for us of which we know nothing.

For example, two young men were planning to come to PAFCOE from a southern island here in the Philippines. They bought tickets for the ship coming here and on the day they were scheduled to leave, they ran into problems. On the way to the port, there was an accident on the road and because of that, there was a bad traffic jam and it took them much longer to get to the port. Finally they were able to make it to the port, only to discover the gates were closed for boarding, though the ship was still there. Even though they already had their tickets, they were not allowed on board.

What were they to do? We are told, "often our plans fail that God's plans for us may succeed." So they trusted in God's plan for them.

When they went to the ticketing office, they were able to get most of the money from their tickets refunded and then God provided them an even bigger blessing by allowing them to ride on a mission plane from that place to Manila for free! They arrived here sooner by plane for free, than they would have by paying for the boat ticket! So the money they saved from the boat ticket, they were able to use to pay for their textbooks, which they wouldn't have had if God had not allowed them to miss their ship to come here!

God truly has amazing ways of providing for our students and we know He will continue to do so! To those of you who have given to help our worthy students, we say a big "thank-you!"

Soon we will be posting more exciting stories of the students and also from the previous student's OJT experience. Keep watching for more updates.
Worship for the new students