Thursday, November 20, 2014 much you care...

There’s a common saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” That is so true when it comes to soul-winning! Let me share with you more experiences of our PAFCOE students on their outreach afternoons.

One said, “I felt a bit discouraged this week because 2 of our Bible students didn’t want to study with us anymore. But God gave us more opportunities for Him! We went to one of our interests with whom we had just started doing drop-off studies and he told us with a big smile that he had already finished reading it and wanted another one! He didn’t have a Bible so he couldn’t fill in all the blanks, but he enjoyed reading what was written in the lesson. He had had a mild stroke and wasn’t feeling so well, yet he was eager to study God’s Word! Then we went to our other interests who were suffering with bad health problems. Some of the family members were not very friendly to us, but we were kind to them and after giving them massage, their hearts opened to us and they welcomed us to return for Bible study! Really they didn’t care how much we knew until they knew how much we cared for them!”

Another student said, “This week my partner and I decided to go into the Muslim compound since our Bible study interest was not at home for the scheduled study. As we walked down the street, I was becoming frustrated that we were not finding too many people interested for Bible study. We prayed and continued walking. Finally we reached a street that was clearly where the Muslims lived. Armed with our blood pressure cuff and thermometer, we boldly invited people for a simple health and vital signs check-up. People came out of their homes and were very interested for what we were doing. We didn’t have much time to spend with them, but we did what we could. As we were conducting the health check-ups, it occurred to me that their Muslim people were very happy, easy going people. I had been avoiding this street because I heard what Muslims did to the Christians sometimes and I was scared! But we met only friendly cheerful people who wanted to know all about us and what we were doing. Needless to say, I changed my view of the Muslim people! Imagine what might have happened if we had passed by all those people because we were too afraid to go to them! How sad!”

This was one student’s experience, “Today was our 4th Bible study with one of our Bible interests. Unfortunately, I forgot to study and prepare for it. I didn’t even know what was the title of the 4th lesson! After lunch, I read the script and prayed, ‘Lord, please help me! I know I am not prepared for the topic!’ But praise God, He hears our desperate prayers! He really helped me with the study! The Bible students listened very well and enjoyed the study a lot! The most inspiring part was when I was giving the appeal. I was so touched by the message because it seemed I was appealing to myself and my students were touched, as well. I praise God that even though I was not prepared, He really blessed that study!”

Her partner said, “Today when we did our Bible study, the grandson of our interest displayed his temper tantrums and made a big distraction to the study. Immediately, I decided to find a way to distract him so the Grandma could focus on the study. I tried to give him my Asian pear that I had saved from breakfast, but he wasn’t interested. So I went to the nearby store and bought a package of nuts for him, which made him very excited and for awhile he was quiet. Then he started again. So I went and bought another package of nuts for him and we gave him one nut at a time until the end of the study and thus he became quiet and was not a problem anymore! I was so blessed that they could see how much we care for them and they want to know more from us!”

Another student commented, “While we were walking in our territory with my husband, we passed a man sitting in front of his store. We smiled at him and he called out to us, ‘Please stay awhile here.’ We walked over to him and he asked what we were always doing in that area and why we always come there. He also mentioned that he knew we were studying the Bible with people and that he wanted to join our study! When we offered Bible studies to him, he chose the drop-off ones since he is very busy, but he wanted to learned more about God. He finished that first lesson in one day! God is so good! People notice when we care for them and they want to know what we have to share with them!”

Another shared her experience by saying, “When my outreach partner and I arrived at our territory, we went to our Bible study’s home and found that she was already prepared for our studies! She had borrowed a Bible and had her Storacles lesson with her, along with placing 2 empty chairs in her living room for my partner and I. I was so inspired to see her eagerness to study!”

And one of our foreigners added, “This week we shared the Word of God to one family and they asked so many questions about God. They were so happy that we were studying the Bible with them! Then one day this week, a boy on the street asked me, ‘Why are you here? You don’t understand our language.’ I told him that I am here in the Philippines to learn more about Jesus and how to share Him with others. He asked me, ‘Who is Jesus?” I told him briefly about Jesus and he was so excited to learn about a God who cares for him! He even cried that he – a simple street boy – could have someone who loved him. He didn’t understand my English too well, but I am so glad I could share something with him! When I went back to that place to find him again, he was not there.”

Yes, friends, people want to see that you care before they see what you have to share with them. Stories from the Prophecy Seminar will be posted next.

“The humblest workers, in co-operation with Christ, may touch chords whose vibrations shall ring to the ends of the earth, and make melody throughout eternal ages.” – The Ministry of Healing, p. 159.