Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The End...

Farewells are always hard… Never easy…

Growing up as an evangelist’s daughter, life was always full of good-byes and farewells, since we traveled from place to place. And yet, I look forward to heaven when we will see all our friends again forever!

Tonight was the last night of the 5 week seminar.

  •  Five weeks of blessings! 
  •  Five weeks of seeing God come through time and time again and work miracles for us over and over! 
  •  Five weeks of making friends for Christ and seeking to lead them to a deeper relationship with Him.
  •  Five weeks of watching our dear PAFCOE students learn the principles of public and child evangelism and what a blessing and help they were to our family!
For the last night of the seminar, we had the children go to the cinema where their parents were having the meeting and sing for them. The stage was very small and I was so concerned that not everyone would fit on there, but amazingly enough, they did! To hear 200+ children singing the 10 Commandments from memory is truly an amazing thing! After the children had sung their song, and I was watching them file off the stage, I was thanking God for the opportunity to teach these children (many of whom aren’t Adventists) the simple truths of God’s Word!

The last topic was heaven and what a great topic to end with! The children sat very quietly and listened intently as I shared a small picture of what heaven will be like. Most of all, I wanted all of them (and me) to be there! The graduation of the faithful attendees was next and lots of them got certificates and were very pleased with their gifts!

Kristy, the wife of a PAFCOE student read the names off, since I can’t pronounce them too well! Without my Mom, the PAFCOE students and the teachers of the schools, this children’s program would never have happened at all.

And now it’s all over… I already miss teaching the children and hearing them sing the songs so enthusiastically, but as with all good things, it came to an end and life goes on. During this month of April, we will be doing follow-up and nurturing of the new believers and then in May all the students and us will go to some church in the Philippines and hold another seminar. The students are excited and so are we!

To see some pictures of the seminar, click here.

Praise God for His blessing and strength throughout this seminar! He is so faithful!