Monday, April 16, 2012


Printers are... a real blessing....or a real headache...

Last week, we wanted to start printing the crafts and materials for the 12 student children's programs that will be happening in the month of May. We went to the store and found card-stock at a decent price and a big enough quantity. It was so amazing how God provided all the paper we needed! With all the 12 children's programs combined, we are providing materials for around 2,000 children.  I don't know how we have enough supplies, (as we didn't plan for that many originally), but God has taken our "loaves and fishes" (so to speak) and multiplied them into just the right amount! What a faithful God we serve!

The lady at the store said they had ordered this paper months ago, and wouldn't get more in until many more months. Obviously, God knew months ago that we would need this much paper and He arranged it all, without us doing anything! How amazing!
PAFCOE printer needing repair...

After buying the paper and plenty of ink, I brought the PAFCOE printer home to start the huge job of printing the crafts (it was far too expensive to take it to a print shop). This printer is new and had been working just fine for a long time.

But after only a few pages of printing, I realized that the printer was having problems. I did everything I could to get it working correctly and nothing worked. I gave up for the day and tried again the next day with no better success.

That afternoon, we took the printer to a repair shop and within 2 hours were told it was fixed. I was dubious about that, but we brought the printer home again, and I tried to resume the printing. But... it had the same problems again. The repair shop hadn't really fixed it, as I had thought.

I was getting worried with how we would ever get all the crafts printed, the longer we had to wait. We prayed earnestly that God would help us fix the printer, since it had been working just fine before we started this huge project.  The following day, we took to the printer to class with us and one of our students (who knows lots about computers) took a look at it.

"Dr." Mark fixing it.
He soon found the problem and right away knew how to fix it. "Dr." Mark gave the printer a "shot" while it was on the operating table (really the church bench!) and after doing a few more minor things, he had it working again, praise God!

Working again, praise God!
I took the printer home again, rejoicing that it was working again and with God's help and blessing, it's still working! Please pray that it will hold up for the huge amount of crafts we are printing! God cares even about paper, printers, and a busy teacher at PAFCOE! :)