Monday, December 17, 2012

Pictures from Barrio Obrero and its baptism!

Here are a few pictures of our time in the Barrio Obrero from August 31 to October 6. To read more about this time, click here.
Registration for the health expo in Barrio Obrero on August 26.

NEWSTART panels and booths. It was very simple, but people still came.

Roberto lecturing on water.
Kevin lecturing on temperance. (He's a nurse by trade.)
Health lecture during the evening with the Doctor.
Doctor Wetz Dela Cruz did the health lecturing and did a great job!
The audience with HCBN doing the filming.
Below are pictures of the seminar.

Dad and his translator (Erme Jun). The people didn't  understand English too well.

Attendance in the covered gym.

Some of the baptismal candidates.
Baptism! It was done in a portable baptistry that we had built - the first one ever to be built in that area!

Our PAFCOE students and staff on the stage the last Sabbath.

Singing with the children up front.

We had to take the chairs and everything down every night.

Students helping every night (sharpening the pencils before the meeting).

Children's program.
 Those are just some of our many experiences there in that place! We praise God for what He did in that area of Iloilo City!