Monday, January 28, 2013

New students!!

As I sit in the upstairs room of the Manila Center Seventh-Day Adventist Church and listen to my father (the PAFCOE director) teaches our new group of students, my heart fills with happiness and gratefulness to our heavenly Father!

This is only the beginning of our session and yet I feel like saying with David, "The Lord hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad." 

Yesterday, we started classes here in Quezon City (the northern part of Manila) with about 35 students. They have come from all over the Philippines - from the northern part of Luzon, to the southern part of Mindanao and some from even farther - like our dear friend from Ghana and others. Many of them are from the Metro Manila area and each of them have a special story about what God has done to bring them here.

Here is one:

Last night, after our meeting in our Week of Prayer, Emily* and I were talking together. She told me that she had heard about PAFCOE from one of our previous graduates, who told her all about it and encouraged her to attend, so she visited our website to check out more about our program.

Then she considered her finances and realized that her money was insufficient to pay for her tuition fees and began praying that if God wanted her to come, He would provide for her. She saved everything she could, and planned to attend - whether she had the full amount or not.

Then two days before she arrived here at PAFCOE, an unexpected phone call came in. It was an old friend and during the conversation, she was told that whatever she was lacking to pay her tuition, the rest would be paid! She was so delighted and thanked God for showing her so clearly to attend this program. She added that she was so excited to learn more about how to work for God!

Praise God for Emily and all the others who have chosen to step out by faith and learn how to work for others!

Thank you for your prayers and we will add more stories soon! :)

*To protect her identity, I have used a false name.