Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Life at PAFCOE...

Life at PAFCOE has been exciting, busy and full of adventures and challenges! As a result, our blog has been sadly neglected for the past few weeks and months. Not that nothing has been happening, but all of us have been too busy to write anything about it!

The Quezon Memorial (one of the Filipino presidents)
So before this PAFCOE session comes to a close, let's see what's been happening for the last few weeks!

February 17, 2013, we started our Health Expo program at the Quezon City Memorial Circle - a large park-like circle in the middle of the city. Since it as a public place, many, many people came through it and were inspired to live more healthy lives. Here are some pictures:

Setting up
Serving food before getting to work

Blood sugar

Giving health lectures with a captive audience.

Giving massage...
This Health Expo went for 4 days throughout that week and we praise God for those who attended and learned more about health. In the evening, Dr. Blessey Varona or Dr. Tam Mateo gave health lectures to those who were interested and many came!

It was a well-organized event and what a blessing it was to serve the community through the aspect of health.

To be continued...