Tuesday, May 14, 2013

25 Happy Years Together! :-)

On May 1, 2013, our parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary!

25 years of being happy married!

25 years of following God's leading in their lives.

25 years of being missionaries in many countries around the world.

25 years of watching God work in and through them to many others.

25 years of forming (and still forming, with God's help) a Christ-centered family.

This poem is dedicated to them and given on their anniversary:

Today, of all days, is a time to reflect
On times gone by, and those still to come yet.
You both deserve medals for a service so long,
Though it's fairly obvious that you sing the same song. 

All those years ago, you committed to each other
Became a unity together, not just a friend or lover.
And still you'll say the same today and say it to the end -
The reason you survived is that you married your best friend.

Well, congratulations to you both, on getting it so right,
On filling your life with love, laughter and delight,
On never becoming "normal" - always appreciating what you've got
Never tiring of each other, or veering from the plot.

Twenty-five years is quite a stretch, but one thinks it's fair to say
That you'll be holding hands together forever and today.
Happy Silver Anniversary; it's true you've had many before,
But you're congratulated on reaching so far and wished so many more!

Still happily married!

Thank you for being such godly, caring parents! 

May God continue to bless you with many more years together! :)