Monday, May 20, 2013

OJT trials...

Here is an update that my Dad wrote recently:

Dear Family & friends:                                                                                               May 9, 2013

Last night while I was preaching at our evangelistic site, my phone vibrated.  After the meeting was over and the guests gone, I checked my messages and read the following from one of our PAFCOE students, preaching at another site:

“Saturday night my AVR (automatic voltage regulator) burned and Joy’s computer was not working [Joy is the PAFCOE student conducting the children’s meetings].  Tonight I was in the city for printing, and the car overheated and would not start, so I had to return to my site by bus.  Then the electricity went off 20 minutes into the program, and it was still off when the meeting finished.  The enemy is mad for the last two topics, but God helped us all the way!”

Several of our other sites reported problems on the same night.  Michael our son, had a very large UFI (unidentified-flying-insect) come sailing into the large church where he is preaching, creating a flying distraction as it buzzed over people’s heads.  What was the topic last night?  Spiritualism!  In a very real sense here, we know that we are not “wrestling with flesh and blood...” (Eph. 6:12). 

Currently, our PAFCOE students and staff are conducting forty evangelistic meetings throughout the Philippines, with just over two weeks left of their one-month seminars.  This is OJT (on-the-job-training) time!  For the past three months, we have had 37 students at our school in Manila, and 12 at the one in Iloilo.  In Manila, we even had the privilege of having Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts ministries, join us for ten days the end of March.  You can read more about that on our blog -

Our family is currently conducting evangelistic meetings in Bacolod City, on Negros Island which is in the central part of the Philippine archipelago.    We have two sites here in the city, and a student from Africa is at a third site about a half-hour away.  Between the three sites, we have nearly a thousand people attending!  For Michael, this is his third evangelistic meeting, and largest attendance.  On weekends, he often has over 500 attending.  This is an Adventist “center” with hospital, nearby college, etc., so we have many members coming, but still a large group of guests as well. 

We are almost half-way through the 4-week series.  May 25th is our scheduled baptism in the various OJT sites, and then, we return to Manila for PAFCOE graduation on May 28th.  We’re looking forward to sharing with you the exciting reports and stories that our students will be bringing back for graduation later this month.  Until then, “Salamat” (Thank you) for your prayers and support!

Your friends,

Pastor Lowell & family & the PAFCOE staff