Friday, August 30, 2013

Changed plans and changed lives!

Sometimes we find that our plans change.

Anything strange? Not really. We all have times and experiences when our nicely laid plans come grumbling down, leaving us wondering what God’s plan for us is.

This week at PAFCOE, we definitely experienced changed plans!

Every batch, we have a one-week health expo before our evangelistic meetings to bring in interested people and this time, it is scheduled to start this Sunday – September 1.  We had made arrangements to use the Philippine Heart Center as the venue, but just a little more than one week before the health expo is to start, they cancelled their agreement to let us use their place.

So now what? The flyers were already on the press just ready to start printing.

We had only a week to find another place to hold the health expo.

Changed plans…

But we remembered one of the Lord’s promises which is, “…. in every difficulty [we should see] a call to prayer.” Desire of Ages, page 667.

So we began to pray earnestly for God’s leading and God directed us to have the health expo right here at the Manila Center Church. Thankfully we were able to call to tell the printer to stop the flyer printing until we had made a decision for what to do and just in time, the flyers were ready for distributing to the surrounding communities.

Changed plans, but it meant changing to God’s plans.

And God doesn’t just change plans, He changes lives, too!

Here is the testimony of one of our students:

“My life before I met Christ was full of anxieties, fears and uncertainties. I was a kind of person who had a lot of worries. Yes, I believed in God and His existence, but I didn’t know much about Him, especially His character and as a result, I had a lot of doubts about things around me and the future. Because of those uncertainties, I always found time to murmur and complain. I always focused the time to look upon the negative side of things, instead of focusing on the good side. I might look okay outside, but truthfully, I was gloomy, sad and fearful inside.

Then I met someone who introduced me to Jesus, not by words, but through his life. This person seemed to be very happy in his life despite all the difficulties he is facing and always found good in everything. That fixed my thoughts on the God that he knew. Then, little by little, I started knowing who God really is. I found out that He is a living God who looks ever all His creation with love and that not a single one is neglected. I started to how Him as a being that is not distant and different but loving, compassionate, and understanding.

Since then, I am trying to live my life in complete trust to Him. Yes, I still have trials and difficulties in life – most are even bigger than before. But I have learned to fully put my trust in my God. He is bigger than all my problems put together! I have learned trust and faith and now, He is still teaching me lessons about them. Now, I can live today and do not fear in the future because I know there is a God who holds it.”

Yes, God changes plans and changes lives too! And sometimes he uses people like you and me to help someone see what God is really like.

How true it is that:

“Often our plans fail, that God’s plans for us may succeed.”