Friday, August 23, 2013

Outreach in the rain!

“It’s raining again!”

This was a common phrase that we were using here at PAFCOE this week. Why?

Because this is the rainy season in the Philippines and during this time, typhoons are very frequent “visitors” to the islands, drenching everything in their pathways with plenty of rain and wind. Low areas almost always get flooded when a typhoon comes through and sometimes the water gets very deep.

During this week, schools cancelled their classes, banks and some other businesses closed and it seemed that for some people, life came to a stand-still. But life at PAFCOE did not stop!
Some of the heavy rain reaches this level.

And neither did outreach!

Outreach in rainy, windy weather?


Some students were not thrilled in the least bit to be going out under such conditions, but they did anyways and we praise God for the many stories and testimonies of what He is doing through them – despite the bad weather conditions.

This testimony comes from a lady who hasn’t been an Adventist for that many years:

“It was so amazing to meet all sorts of people. We are all so different in so many ways, and yet God continually show His love for all of us, including those who don’t know Him yet. I saw myself in these people over and over. I was one of them not that long ago. I saw in their responses of how they reacted to our invitations to do studies, how funny it is to be on the other side now and how God has a sense of humor! I am so blessed and privileged to be learning how to be a better soul-winner!”

God’s protecting hand was seen in this student’s experience:

“We’ve experienced that a big angry dog is about to bite us. We immediately prayed silently that God will help us and not let us get hurt. Suddenly, the dog started running away, while we were thinking he was about to bite us. God really protected us and we are so thankful to Him!”

Some students have no money in their pockets since they came here by faith. This is how God provided for one of them:

“I was so amazed that God is so good to me and my partner even though I don’t have even one peso in my pocket and yet He provided just enough for us to get out to our territory for outreach. For 2 days, every time we had to do outreach, God used someone to give a little here and there in ways that I had never expected. God really supplies all our needs when we are going out to work for souls for Him!”

And always when they are out on outreach, they are being witnesses for Christ and it’s not just in what they say. This is from another student:

“I was so inspired during our outreach this week, especially when we were going door to door, doing surveys. I saw that people were watching us and noticed what we were wearing and immediately knew that we were children of the King. I was so inspired to be a good witness in wearing good Christian clothes!”

People do watch what we wear, what we say and how we act!

And the students themselves are inspired in sharing their faith. Here’s another testimony:

“I encountered so many inspiring experiences this week! But what inspired me the most is when people we are talking to get interested and immediately accept our invitation to do Bible studies. We met some that were so interested and so hungry to learn from the Bible and they want to keep studying with us and for me, that was the most rewarding experience!”

Though the weather this week was not ideal, outreach continued on and stories of how God is changing people’s lives through the students keep coming in. No matter what the conditions are, God has promised to be with us and bless our work as we seek to win souls for Him!

Thankfully, at least for now, the rains have stopped and outreach will be much easier next week (hopefully!). Yet, in any case, here at PAFCOE, we are so excited to be working for the Lord, rain or shine!

Stay tuned for more stories!

Our class (front view)
Our class (back view)