Friday, October 25, 2013

The Joy of Selling Books!

There is joy in selling books! Joy in seeing someone buy a book that will probably change their life!

Just recently the PAFCOE students have gone out selling the Ministry of Healing (under the title of Health & Peace) and The Great Controversy. And what experiences they have gained doing so! Here are some of their stories!

“Doing literature evangelism was one of God’s ways of training me to be a missionary. And I remembered that training when this week we went out doing canvassing. Seeing people’s desire to acquire the books despite their financial incapacity truly inspired me to reach out to others through literature. From the 4 people who got our Ministry of Healing books, 3 of them were very poor and had to work very hard just to make ends meet. God has many ways to bring people the truth – especially through literature!”

Another student said this when he was canvassing the Health & Peace book:

“During out literature evangelism outreach this week, we met a man with a frowning face who said, ‘I am a Muslim. We don’t need Christian books!’ I answered him, ‘Sir, our books are not talking about religion. They show how to have a happy family with a healthy lifestyle. Don’t you want to have a happy family that’s healthy, too?’ He replied in a low tone of voice, ‘Sorry, sir for my bad reaction!’ I praise God for guiding me what to say to help him be interested in our health book!”

The same student had another interesting experience:

“We were canvassing another lady to buy a book. After handing her the book, she said, ‘I want this book!’ We were so happy and inspired because this was the very first person who ordered a book from us!”

Another student said:

“My outreach experience this week is very inspiring! We went to our outreach territory and began canvassing. Almost all of them responded negatively and didn’t want our books. But I always prayed silently that God will help us sell some books. Then God led us to a small house. Inside were 2 people waiting and after talking with them about Jesus and telling them about the book, they ordered it! And of the 2 people who ordered the book, one of them is the church pastor of a large Protestant denomination! They told us, ‘I pray that more people like you will continue spreading the gospel and the truth.’ I was so inspired to hear that!”

Yes, the joy of selling books to others is incredible! Here’s what one student said:

“We were able to sell all our books! It’s very inspiring to see even security guards ready to accept the book! Even some Chinese people who were not Christians were willing to open their minds on health and buy the book. Almost all the people in our area wanted our books – so praise God!”

Of course, selling books is not always easy! One student remarked:

“When we are sometimes down, God lifts us up by giving us the things we hoped for! This week, when we felt down from not being able to sell a single book, one day a total stranger asked my partner about the books he was carrying. They talked and my partner explained about the book to him and he bought The Great Controversy! Praise God for the encouragement! (Later) This week we were successful at selling books. I am also inspired to see my partner so fired up about getting sales! But more than the sales, we were inspired because of the seeds that we sowed through those books.”

Another student had this experience:

“We went to do Bible studies with our interest this week and they refused to continue studying. So we decided to sell books to the neighboring stores. We canvassed a person in the store who was so hospitable with us. He talked with us and he liked the book, but still he didn’t buy it. To make our time useful, my partner offered to share with him from the Bible. He agreed and what a joy it was to share with him and to have another Bible study!”

One student commented on his outreach:

“I really saw God’s love in our outreach with my partner this week when we started canvassing. Even though there are so many rejections, yet God has promised us that He is with us always and that’s what we’re holding onto. Though we have plenty of rejections, it makes me strong because I know God is with us and I continually believe that there are people who are waiting to be approached about God. We did sell some books, though and one of them was to a Pastor and I’m so excited that hopefully the book will be read and Jesus will come into their lives!”

The book about health was much more popular than The Great Controversy. One student said:

“We met many people during our literature evangelism this week.  Most of them were very much open in having the peace of mind and a healthy body that we promoted through the health book. That’s why the Health & Peace is the best seller! Health is so effective!”

You never know who might read the books! Another student said:

“We meet a man this week in front of a building that is under construction. We realized that he was a priest and had devoted his life to his church. We canvassed him and he seemed very interested, especially when I mentioned that one of our books talked about whether the dead could communicate with us.  When we told him the price, he said that they also need money for their new building (the convent under construction). So I offered him a lower price and then an even lower price. Then he asked why the price was so low. I told him that we’re not here for business but for ministry. So he told us to go with him to the nearby house and he would get his money to pay us for the book and we sold him The Great Controversy!”

What an opportunity!

We are told: 

“Let not the canvassing work be left to languish. Let the books containing the light on present truth be placed before as many as possible.” Christian Service, page 145.