Sunday, October 27, 2013

Unexpected interests!

“Please pray that we can find the people and don’t get lost!” said one of the students to me as she passed by on her way to join her partner for outreach.

“I will!” I called out as she went by. Several times through the afternoon, I remembered to pray for them as they were on outreach, seeking to find the people who had requested them to deliver the books that day in a faraway place.

The next day during lunch, I asked them how it went and what a story I heard! It was so amazing! 

Later on, one of them wrote out the story and here it is:

“It has really been so inspiring this week – so inspiring of what God has done for us! Last Tuesday, when we were doing canvassing, we met 2 ladies who were sitting outside in a restaurant. We talked with them and showed them the 2 books (Health & Peace and The Great Controversy) we had. They were the most interested in the Health & Peace (the Ministry of Healing) and they wanted it to be delivered to their workplace – a real estate business. So we set an appointment with them to come the next day at 5:00 pm. The problem with that was that her workplace was far from here (more than an hour away) and neither of us were familiar with the area.

So the next day, we set out to find them to deliver the books. As we started out, we got so stuck in traffic. Finally we reached the train station and rode to the area we thought we needed to go to. Then we waited for an hour just for a taxi or jeepney to pass by. It started to rain, so we waited in the rain. And we prayed and prayed that we could make it there on time to meet the ladies.

The minutes ticked by and it was already 6:00 – an hour past our appointment time and we prayed that the two ladies would not go home though it was already after 5:00 pm. Finally we got a taxi and it was such heavy traffic that we couldn’t move fast at all!

At last, we arrived at the right place! We realized we were in the business area and all around us were business people. I saw the tallest ladies I’ve ever seen before and they were wearing “killer” heels – 6 inches high and the shortest skirts ever!

While waiting for the ladies, they showed us around the place. Once the ladies were free from their clients, we went to a coffee shop to give them the books. Once inside, they gave us the money and we gave them the books for which they were delighted!

We offered to pray with them, but suddenly someone else called us to introduce something to us. After they talked for awhile, several of them began smoking. Suddenly one of the ladies said, “Oh, before they go they wanted to pray with us. Can we pray?”

The others put their cigarettes down and responded, “Yes, sure! Let’s pray.” So we prayed for them all and they all closed their eyes. After prayer, they said, “Thank you! That’s just what we needed!”

I was so surprised and just so amazed that though these people may look tough and have anything they could ever wish for, yet they are empty on the inside. They are stressed, tired, hungry and thirsty for comfort and a knowledge of God’s love.

As we left, one of the ladies told us how excited she is to read the book and that it is just what they needed ‘to be a good person, to overcome our stress and have good health management.’

Then she added, ‘I believe we met for a purpose and that is not going to be our last time together!’

Though we reached home very late, we praise God for what He did through us that day!”

What a story! Yes, God wants to reach even the upper classes. Though they have everything money could buy, they are seeking for true happiness and meaning in life.