Sunday, February 9, 2014

Finding the joys of Bible studies!

Have you experienced the joy that is found in giving Bible studies and sharing God’s Word to others? If not, we highly recommend you try it! Here at PAFCOE, our students have just gotten a “taste” of this joy! As Ellen White says, “It is a joyous work to open the Scriptures to others.”  -- Testimonies, Vol. 9, p. 118.

Keep reading for some of their inspiring experiences!

One student said, “The most inspiring experience I had was during the time I was talking to one of our Bible interests. She is an old lady, in her 70s and still working by selling candies and newspapers. She opened up to me and told me how difficult her life was and how much she desires to study the Bible but that she can’t see clearly anymore. While I was talking to her, it reminded me that I still have lots of work to do in bringing souls to Jesus. It inspired me to use all my strength for the service of the Lord. Many people are just around us, only waiting for people to tell them about Jesus! Then I realized that I should be an instrument of God to do that important work!”

Sometimes Bible studies are given in unique places! But it’s always where the people are as one student commented:

“I was so inspired so much because of our experience this week! There was an old man working at the side of the street planting grass. During the time we met him, he was digging a hole about 4 feet deep. He invited us to do our Bible study with him in that hole! So we did! We sat together with him in the hole and opened our Bibles to begin the study. Imagine how the people around us reacted when they saw us opening our Bibles to an old man in a hole!”

Yes, that was a unique place to have a Bible study, but it worked and God blessed! Another student said,

“This week, we were able to meet a beautiful young lady on the road. She happened to stop and ask us if we can guide her to the street she was looking for. My partner gave her more than she was asking for – she surveyed her and I didn’t expect she would be so friendly and eager to have a Bible study! I saw God’s great love for us all. He loves even the very ones who seem to be so engrossed by the world. I praise God for seeing His great love today that even this lady was interested in learning more!

Then she added, “I’ve learned many lessons this week. There was a person whom we approached for the survey, but we did it in a hurry and didn’t even offer a prayer for him because he was a hurry himself. Suddenly we noticed that we had neglected to survey the hurried man’s companion! The man’s companion approached us and asked us what we were doing. I was so sorry to God that we had not noticed him earlier because he was so eager to know the truth and accepted for a sit-down Bible study which will be given to our male classmates. I learned that I must regard each person as a precious soul and never withhold the truth from anyone.

It’s so easy to study with kids! Here are two experiences the students had with kids:

“My partner and I happened to have this wonderful opportunity to gather the kids from a slum area around us and teach them Scripture songs and tell them Bible stories and how to pray. Through their smiles and eagerness to learn, I saw Christ’s wellspring of love. He revealed to me His great love for me through telling me to be like the children – willing to be taught and happy to learn new things!”

The other one said, “When the children learned that we know how to teach Bible stories, they asked us for more stories when we come back to visit them. Then I asked them if they know who Jesus is and all of them said they didn’t know what we are talking about! I almost cried because they want to know more about Jesus. I love children!”

Yes, friends, working for souls is a “joyous work”! Try it yourself and just watch how you will be blessed!