Friday, February 7, 2014

Missing Jesus

Have you ever thought you might be missing Jesus – even if you are working for Him or serving Him as a missionary? Think again! This is the story of one of our current students:

“Years ago, even though I grew up in a Christian home, I still have this emptiness within me. I tried to fill this emptiness by joining dance competitions and other things that pleased me – all the pleasures of this world. I thought those were the answers but then God called me to join a group of young people who wanted to share God’s love to those around them. I read the book Steps to Christ, by my favorite author and decided to become a missionary.

“Though I was a missionary and knew many things about God, there was one thing I missed. I missed Jesus! I knew that Jesus is the Son of God but knowing Jesus is different from trusting fully in Him. God brought me to another place and used a Christian Doctor to introduce Jesus to me. I learned how to trust God and surrender to Him. His sacrifice for me and His power to help me overcome sin was so amazing!

“By accepting Christ as my personal Savior, my life is not easy. I have trials as others are experiencing, too. But I thank God that we have Jesus to tell our sorrows to and unload our heavy burdens on. I’m now a missionary, a fulfilled missionary, with the love of Jesus and the assurance of eternal life; not by what I’ve done, but what He has done to me and through me. I’m now enjoying my time with Jesus by communing with Him and reading His Word! God is so good!”

Yes, we can be so busy sometimes with our work (even if it’s God’s work), that we can miss Jesus. Let’s purpose to always spend the time we need each day to make Jesus our truly “best” friend!