Thursday, May 3, 2012

And now, sent out...

3 months of teaching, classes, homework, and training are over...  Sent out to put into practice everything learned...

Jesus sent out His disciples two by two into the field after giving them instruction. We have endeavored to do the same - though not all the students have a partner, since there were not enough students to make that possible.

The students have had 3 months of training and now is their chance to put it all into practice - to see how well they remember the information taught.

Happy students the last Sabbath before everyone left.
This week, the students got their banners, handbills, craft materials, personal items and other things and left for their various sites around the island of Panay and even beyond - to Cebu, Romblon, and Mindanao. All of them have arrived by now and are busying preparing for their meetings starting tomorrow night. They are so excited and full of enthusiasm to share with others the wonderful treasures from God's Word they know!

Our family is in San Jose, Antique (also on the Panay Island) for one month and we will be doing a seminar in this city, just as the students are. Thank you for your prayers for our meetings which will begin tomorrow night.
Our students and the teachers.