Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another baptism!

On March 31, 2012, at the end of our seminar, we had a baptism in the sea (read my post about it from earlier). However, some of the guests were not ready for that date, so we made another date for them to be preparing for - April 28, 2012.

So last Sabbath, people from 6 or so different churches came to RiverView Church for the second baptism from our seminar. It was just a beautiful and simple service! Pastor Sualog, the district Pastor, did the baptizing and 12 precious souls gave their lives to Christ in baptism!

(2010) Our family, the Conference President and the two ladies that were baptized recently.
One of those baptized was a lady that we met last year (the first time we were in the Philippines). She and her friend had lunch with us one Sabbath, but I never thought that around a year later, she would join our church! God's ways are so amazing!

Here are a few pictures:

Dad preaching before the baptism.

The group before their baptism.

Happy in his new life!

New Members and church family.