Monday, May 7, 2012

Another update from PAFCOE

Here is an update that Dad wrote yesterday:

Dear Family and Friends:

There is a certain “thrill” that the sky-diver feels when about to jump out into thin air, or the rappeller when about to “go over the edge” of the cliff.  We often feel a similar excitement when about to start a new evangelistic campaign.  Multiply that feeling by about 20, and you have an idea of how we felt when our 25 PAFCOE students and staff departed the training center at RiverView Church, to conduct 20 one-month evangelistic meetings!  For many of our students it was a mixture of excitement combined with fear since most have never done a public evangelistic effort.

The final week of classes was a whirl of activity, as we conducted final exams, final preaching practice, and final preparations for the meetings.  The children’s program materials almost seemed overwhelming, as we prepared 50,000 crafts for the anticipated 2,000 children we expected at the 20 different sites.  But God helped the team to do what looked impossible, and large boxes of supplies were taped up to be shipped off with our students to their various sites.  Some students went by bus, some by car, some by boat, and a few by air, but all accepted the challenge to “go.”  Some probably felt that they had no “choice,” since they are required to conduct an evangelistic series in order to graduate from PAFCOE!  But many are in partner with another student so they can take turns preaching the meetings.

After all the students had left, we packed our house to move to the other side of Panay Island, to conduct an evangelistic series in the city of San Jose.  Michael and Lowell are partnering together in the preaching, and Sandra and Teresa are doing the same for the children’s evangelistic meetings. 

The reports that we have been receiving from our students are thrilling!  Many have faced great odds in even getting their meetings started, but all are reporting a good attendance, and are amazed to see how God is using their efforts.  For the first two nights of meetings, most sites have seen their numbers grow, and the children’s meetings almost doubled in attendance in some places!  

Considering all the difficulties we have faced in getting these student meetings started, the adversary must not be happy.  For us, the gratitude is not only in seeing many people attending the meetings in so many places, but to see the experience our students are gaining in active soul-winning.

For those of you who have helped to sponsor the student evangelistic meetings, our entire PAFCOE staff extends a heart-felt “Thank you!”  This project could never have been realized without your support and prayers.  Please continue to pray for our students as they conduct their meetings for the next four weeks. 

Your friends in the field,
 Pastor Lowell Hargreaves and the PAFCOE staff