Thursday, January 30, 2014

Amazing Facts goes back to Africa!

On January 19, our two missionaries from PAFCOE flew out from Manila bound for Africa and their mission awaiting them there!
The group who sent them to the airport. The girl going to Africa are the ones who have the backpacks on at the center to the left of Mom and I. It was a very windy day - hence the wild hair and wind-blown skirts!
After the time they spend in Africa last year, God opened the door for them to return and work for a longer time in Kenya and other parts of the East Central Africa Division. Sha and Maya are so excited to see what God will do through them during their time as missionaries!

It was so amazing what God did to help them through immigration! Sha described it like this:

"It's Tuesday, January 14, I and my partner, Mayvilyn Ramos, have only 3 days left to process our Adventist Volunteer Services requirements before flying to Africa. Another challenge is the Passport for Mission Course which we needed to answer and it's really impossible to finish it because we don't have enough time. And we're wondering if we could fly as scheduled on January 19. "God, help us and let Your will be done" is our prayer and we started processing our requirements. Indeed, God heard! We finished the online application. Friday came, we were told that we can fly without the service request from East Central African Division (ECD) and we would not encounter problems about it in the airport.
This is like the story of Moses! We are like the Israelites, Moses as their leader and ours is God! Moses was pleading before Pharaoh to let the Israelites go and we are pleading before God to let us go! When they reached the Red Sea, escape seems impossible! Behind them are the cruel Egyptians and infront of them was a vast body of water. But a miracle still lies ahead for the ultimate deliverance!
It was a lesson learned from the past that we needed to have all the documents in our hands to be presented to the immigration before going to the Airport. Behind us is the cruel enemy working as he tried everything he can to make it difficult for us to process the requirements; and infront of us is a vast wall - the immigration!"
To read the rest of the story, visit her blog and see what God did for them!

We invite you to pray for our missionaries there (Sha and Maya) that God will bless their efforts there and help to win many souls for His kingdom. Follow on her blog to see what's happening there.