Friday, January 31, 2014

PAFCOE Batch 5 has begun!

You might have been wondering why nothing has been posted for quite awhile on the blog. Life has been very busy lately at PAFCOE since batch/session 5 has just begun on January 9. We praise God for the 48 students He has sent us from all over the Philippines and even one from Europe!

Every night of the first week, Dad (the PAFCOE director) presented topics about what will happen at end-time based out of the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. Everyone was inspired and challenged to be ready for Jesus’ soon coming!

Outreach has already begun, too! And the stories from their experiences are already flowing in!
One student said, “I remembered when Jesus was still here on earth He met different people and He always had compassion towards them. He always had a burden in his heart to reach every individual He met. While we are walking on outreach, I remembered myself as I was before – hopeless. I saw that these people are also hopeless and the Lord reminded me that He died not only for me, but for every one of them, too. I felt like I’m not worthy to minister to others, but God gave me the courage to do it! I learned that in my own strength, I can’t do anything, I can’t speak the right words, I can’t do the right actions and I can’t think right unless I am connected with the source of all power. We need more prayer that through this we will have strength and power.”

Another student added his thoughts:

“Before the outreach, I prayed that we would have a good experience on outreach. Then we started our surveys. The first person we met rejected it without even listening to what we had to say! So we went to another house and the people inside wouldn’t answer. I was somewhat discouraged. I felt like skipping a house thinking, ‘They won’t answer,’ but we went anyways and someone answered! And the person accepted Bible studies! We went to another house and she also accepted! I then remembered that God in His infinite love wanted me to feel the joys of soul-winning!”

Of course, doing outreach isn’t always easy, but here is one student’s experience:

“While we were walking to our outreach territory, I began very tired because it’s so far away from our classroom. Then I remembered the time when Jesus was carrying a heavy cross just for us and I prayed that He would give me strength to keep going and He did!”

Getting lost is another challenge, especially when the students are not from the area (many came from other parts of the Philippines). This is the story of one team of students:

“I was very inspired when a Grandma received our survey and allowed us to ask her the questions. Since it was getting late, we decided to go back. But as we looked at one another, we realized that we were lost! Neither of us knew how to get back! We laughed together and started to walk and prayed we would find the way. Praise God, He answered our prayer and brought us back home!”

Another one said, “We got lost this week in our outreach. I was so inspired by my partner and the other team that even though we walked a long ways to reach home, still they didn’t complain! I saw that their faces are still happy and they were singing. We encouraged each other not to dismayed but have faith that God will help us and He did!”

And still another student commented on getting lost. She said:

“We got a little bit lost this time doing outreach. As we were trying to see where we were on the map and find our territory, this lady and her husband asked us where we were going. We explained what we were doing and the nice lady pointed out the directions for how to get to the streets on our map. Her husband was sick and they had just come home from a check-up. She even showed us which house they live in. Since we were still deciding where to start, we told her we would be visiting her house soon. I was so amazed at her kindness to us strangers! I know it was a divine appointment and I pray we will be able to do a Bible study in their home.”

Prayer is the key to reaching hearts as one student found out:

“When I approached a lady to do the survey with, she asked me lots of questions that I could hardly answer. As I offered to do the survey with her, she told me ‘no’ three times and that she has no time. I just prayed in my mind that she would be willing to do the survey and suddenly she started answering my questions! She even took one of our Bible study guides and we ended our conversation with prayer! Glory be to God!”

Another student said this: “I learned that if I love God and trust Him, He can change me! He can replace my feelings of fear to a love for souls. I realized that we should not have self-confidence and that we need to be prepared for soul-winning. It is through surrendering myself to God that will make me be a successful soul-winner.”

God really has His people who are searching for the truth as one student found out!  “I feel so blessed when we met one of our interests! He is a Roman Catholic and was so eager to share God’s Word and told us that he doesn’t bow down to any saints or pray to them. He always believed in Revelation and always read the Bible. I felt so inspired because he was so eager to learn more about God and is searching the Bible for its truths!”

And one more from our lady Doctor who is a student, too. She said, “The most important experience I had this week was to depend solely on God and to take away all the pride in my heart. As I was knocking on doors during outreach, Satan was trying to tell me that I was wasting my time there – that as a physician, I could do more things to help people than just knocking on doors and doing surveys. As my partner and I prayed, the Holy Spirit reminded me that my heart was still sinful. I felt bad to be thinking those thoughts even for a short time. I surrendered my pride and focused on Jesus.”

Continuing on, she said, “I had a memorable experience with a helper (similar to a maid/servant) that we surveyed. I remember her eagerness to know Jesus more through the Bible and of course, she accepted Bible studies. Her curiosity to know more about God was like that of a child’s and she was very humble and willing to be taught. It inspired me to have a child-like spirit like she had!”

Yes, friends, our students are finding people who are interested in learning more about Jesus and His truths! Keep checking for more stories about what God is doing through them here at PAFCOE!