Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Amazing Facts in Africa (Part 3)

Here are a few testimonies of how effective child evangelism really is in Africa!

“After my three daughters attended the children’s camp meeting at Kabete, our worship time has totally changed. It wouldn’t be complete without singing the scripture songs that they learned. And during lesson discussions, they can easily contribute and join in because they have been taught about these important Bible truths such as Sabbath, Sunday, Origin of Sin, etc. Thank you so much for teaching our kids.”
~  Tom

“I am one of the teachers who had the special privilege of attending the training on Child Evangelism.  All of the training was just wonderful – the songs, the stories, the animations, and the memory verses. I was very much excited to apply the things that I have learned from the training. The church organized a Vacation Bible School and I was one of the teachers. I used the materials of Amazing Facts and it was indeed blessed. The children loved the songs and the stories. The parents were delighted to hear the lessons that are being repeated in their homes. Thank You Lord for this program.”
~  Amos

“I am married to an Anglican believer.  I had struggle as to how to lead my husband to accept my Adventist faith. When I learned about the children’s camp meeting, I made sure that me and my 3 boys would attend. And it was all worth it because after the camp meeting, my boys have been changed. They witnessed to their father about keeping the Sabbath holy  and since then my husband always went with us to church every Sabbath. And he also loved reading Bible stories to the boys before they sleep.”
~  Beatrice

The two PAFCOE missionaries
“It was the third day of our training about Child Evangelism. The night before, during our worship, we happened to discuss about Nadab and Abihu and how God destroyed them. My children asked why they had to die and me and my husband just couldn’t find the right answer to their question. The next morning, at the training, the teachers talked about Holy and Common and they covered the story about Nadab and Abihu. Oh my face lighted up when I learned the story. That when I reached home, I was very much excited to relate to my kids the story and as to why God had to strike them. This program is truly amazing. The way they tell the stories is simple enough for kids and even adults to understand.”        ~  Alice