Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lightning, mosquitoes and sponsors!

What do lightning, mosquitoes and sponsors have in common? They all relate to difference experiences our PAFCOE students have been having! Keep reading for some amazing stories!

One of our foreign students from another country said this, “I don’t know why, but it seems that all the mosquitoes here love my blood! They leave many “kisses” on my poor arms. When I went into one shop for outreach, the clerk saw my arms and feel pity for me. Because of that, we became friends with the clerk and were able to talk to that person who needs the Lord. I suddenly understood that ‘all things really do work together for good!’ Thank you, mosquitoes for giving me an opening to share Jesus, but please don’t bite me anymore!”

Another student added, “This week when we went on outreach, we went with my partner to a place we had already conducted surveys before. When we went to a new area, the guard would not allow us to survey the places, so my partner and I stopped and prayed for awhile, asking God to help us make friends with the guard. Then we decided to survey him and started asking him questions about Bible prophecy. But he couldn’t answer our questions! Finally we said, ‘Sir, if you are willing, we would love to share with you about Bible prophecy, so you can have answers to those questions!’ After we talked with him awhile, he thanked us so much and let us do our surveys all through that place! God is so good!”

God’s protecting hand was really over another student who had this experience, “When we went for outreach one day, the rain was already pouring. We were walking down the street going to our interest’s home, when suddenly a great flash of lightning hit just about 3 feet away ahead of us! I was ahead of my partner and I was almost hit by that lightning flash and would have probably been killed or seriously injured. But I am so thankful to God that He protected me and I felt no pain or anything! Praise the Lord for His continual guidance and protection!”

He continued sharing another experience, “Another day, we visited the store of a person who had done the survey with us. She warmly welcomed us to her place and told us that she had already read the first lesson we had given her and then related to us what she had read. My partner asked her if she would like to have a sit-down Bible study and go through the lesson together, but she was not sure because she is so busy. We handed her the second lesson and told her she will really enjoy it, too! She told us that she was so blessed when she read the lesson because she learned many new things about the Bible. We prayed for her and she was so thankful! We pray she will continue to hunger and thirst after the truth!”

Another student shared his experience: “My inspiring experience this week during outreach was when God provided for us! Both my partner and I didn’t have money for our public transportation ride, going to our outreach. But praise God, He never fails to provide for us! He used our classmates to share some of their money with us, so we could go to our outreach territory! And the most inspiring thing that I ever experienced in my life was when I learned that God had given me and my partner a sponsor for our tuition here in PAFCOE! It really was an answered prayer and God used my sponsor to be a channel of blessing to me! The lesson I learned this week is to not worry about the things we need because God knows all about it and He has a thousand ways to provide for them! If we just do our part as workers of God, He will take care of us!”

Yes, friends, God is in the business of taking care of those who work for Him and allowing things to happen that will all work out for our best good!