Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Meeting Christ - 2

Here are more of our students inspiring testimonies of how they came to know Christ personally. Be blessed as you read them!

“I was born into an Adventist family, but as I grew up, I became used to doing worldly things as I mingled with my non-SDA friends. I was addicted to texting, FaceBook, games and many other things. That’s why I didn’t know God very well. I was a bad child and didn’t want to do my household chores, but all that changed when I met Jesus. One day, my sister called me and asked me to help her in Manila because she was a Sunday student from last batch who was doing her OJT in the area. She told me they needed someone to cook, clean and help in the children’s program. God is really so good! Why? Because I was not expecting that this kind of activity will lead me to be a PAFCOE student myself! So I agreed to join her and was so blessed and happy seeing the children learning from their teacher – another PAFCOE student. One day during that one month, I really felt God calling me to join PAFCOE and learn how to work for Him. I really found Jesus during that time and I know that He changed my life and I’m so happy about it! I know now that God has a great plan for me and I am so happy to serve him! Serving Him is the best work there is! Christ changed my life in a great degree and now He is giving me the wisdom and knowledge to continue my studies here in PAFCOE. My life is so full of blessings now as I serve God!”

“My life before was like a sheep wandering around without a shepherd. I was a SDA, but my lifestyle was not acceptable to God and I was also enjoying worldly things. I didn’t listen to my parent’s advice and only obeyed Satan’s directions. But praise God, for He didn’t leave me there! I found Jesus when I started to read the Bible and I was really touched by the stories and promises found in the 4 Gospels. Those stories really spoke to my heart because the more I learned about Jesus, the more I realized I am not worthy of His death. He suffered a lot for me just to save me from my sins! I also started reading the Spirit of Prophecy books and they were a great blessing to me and helped me to understand the Bible in a new way. Today I am so blessed because I really enjoy my life with God! He provides all my needs now and I feel His love with me all day long. Whenever I have problems, I just pray to God because He always helps me and most of all is developing my character like His. Praise God for calling me out of darkness into His marvelous light!”

“At the age of 7, I stopped praying to Jesus. I only prayed when I was in trouble and I really didn’t know Jesus. Though I grew up with everything the world had to offer, my life was miserable. I got angry very easily and all the high standards my parents taught me were drowned in the world’s pleasures. My life was a huge confusing mess. Finally one day, I fell on my hands and knees and began to sob with total honesty that I had had enough of this kind of life. I didn’t know what I needed. I pleaded to Jesus in a desperate way to help me! Well, God is such a merciful God and made me feel His presence around me. I gave my life to Him and what a peace filled my soul! Only God can do that! It was a complete turn-around in my life to meet Jesus. Life finally made sense! I woke up with purpose in my life! God changed my life – yes, 100%! And He has never been away from me. Christ has given me everything I need so I can work for Him and I am so blessed!”

“I was born into an Adventist family, but definitely was not converted because of it! I grew up with a superficial faith where I never felt much motivation to study other religions because I already had my own. I attended church simply because my family did. I prayed because I was used to it and I believed there is a God who loves us and sends His angels to watch over us because of my parents’ great Bible storytelling abilities. The way I found Christ was through my family and also through my own effort. I was so blessed to have a family who helped to guide me in the right way. All I had to do was to study more about the Word of God on my own initiative. I found Him when I started looking for ways to strengthen my relationship with Him. I know God used the people around me to help me in the right direction. Now I can say I have a good relationship with my Creator, Savior and Friend, Jesus Christ. He never left my side whether I experienced good or bad things. He became my greatest comfort and forever the source of my real strength and infinite love. I never doubt His plan for me and have surrendered my life to Him! I’ll continue this journey (not with my own plans), but following His way, holding onto His promises until the second coming.”

“I was raised in by a godly mother and grew up in a Christian environment, but I did not learn to surrender my life to Jesus until later in life because I was doing things that are not acceptable to God. I didn’t follow my parent’s good advice and became very rebellious in everything. I did not see my own defects or realize my need of Jesus. After some time, I began to try to do the good things, but always I found myself doing what is bad and I became very disappointed. So I began to devote myself to Christ, asking Him what I should do and He directed me to His Word. He directed me to pray earnestly to Him because He promises to answer. Gradually my perspectives began to change and I appreciated more clearly Jesus’ sacrifice for my sins. I found out that He loves me so much and forgives me as long as I surrender to Him. I responded to His love by giving myself to Him and praise the Lord, I am found! Because of my great love for Him, now it is my desire to reach others for Him. Because of Him, I am now living with hope and desiring to share this hope with others who are depressed, confused and struggling. Every day, Jesus is guiding me and helping me in times of trial and temptation. He changed my life! Won’t you let Him change yours?”

Yes, friends, if you haven’t yet, won’t you let Christ change your life? You will never regret that decision! The last of our Meeting Christ stories will be coming next!