Monday, October 6, 2014

The Entering Wedge

What is a wedge? 

According to the Webster’s Dictionary it is: “A piece of metal, particularly iron, thick at one end and sloping to a thin edge at the other, used in splitting wood, rocks, etc.”

If you are splitting wood into smaller chunks, a wedge is very useful! It helps to divide the hard wood into pieces without so much effort.

Did you know the sometimes people’s hearts are just as hard as wood? So we need to have a wedge to enter their hearts with the gospel! What is our wedge?

“I can see in the Lord's providences that the medical missionary work is to be a great entering wedge, whereby the diseased soul may be reached.” --Counsels on Health, p. 535.

So the medical missionary work is our wedge and by using it, we can enter people’s hard hearts with the gospel message! Does it work? Yes! Keep reading for some of our students’ experiences of using this effective wedge!

“On Wednesday, my husband and I ventured into a new area with our health survey sheets. We soon discovered that this method was so much more effective than offering Bible studies! While we were checking the people’s blood pressure and counseling them, I could really see them start to relax and open up to us! One young girl just couldn’t get enough and kept asking question after question. Also her uncle seemed to have every health problem in the book! I can really see how medical missionary work can reach the heart! On another day, we visited another one of our interests, knowing that her husband had the chicken pox. They invited us inside and when I pulled out the blood pressure cuff, her eyes lit up. She said, ‘I was trying to get my husband to go get his blood pressure checked, but he refused to go. But God brought the blood pressure to us!’ We were so blessed this week!”

Another student said, “This was a very exciting week for us! We really saw how medical missionary work easily reached the people and they welcomed us with big smiles! We conducted so many health surveys and I was inspired by one lady. Why? Because she has colon cancer, but is still an active drop-off study student and all her answers are correct! What inspired me most this week was that people readily welcomed and accepted us because of our interest in their health. It’s so inspiring to help people with their health problems! They were very open to us and told us everything about themselves and it was so amazing!”

Another one said, “The medical missionary work is really the right hand of the gospel! We experience many times that it was so difficult to go inside someone’s house because they were prejudiced. But when we started doing health surveys and offering blood pressure check-ups, we found immediate entrance! In one place we had passed earlier that refused to listen to anything we had to say, we stopped again and offered to do the health survey and amazingly, they agreed and we went inside their house!”

One student added, “This week we had a Bible study with our interested we met 2 weeks ago. She was busy and didn’t have a lot of time to study. But last week, she had a terrible stomachache, so we did a health survey on her and then brought her some charcoal and directed her how to take us. When we visited her a few days later, she felt much better! I think that opened her heart to us because she allowed us to do a Bible study with her! Our first study went really well and she shared to us that one time she had a very serious disease and how Jesus had helped her! Her eyes filled with tears as she told us about it. God’s love is working for everyone who will seek Him! Another time, we met a man who had had a stroke and also had all kinds of bad habits, which caused his various diseases. He was sitting along the street and we conducted a health survey on him and he was very happy for our help! I remembered the story of the paralytic man whose heart was filled with guilt and his friends took him to Jesus. I was very touched that we could help this man and I’m hoping he will get well and be able to praise God for it!”

And another student shared her experience by saying, “We met a Muslim family this week on outreach who owns a shoe shop. We were passing by their shop when we decided to turn back and talk to the women inside. We didn’t know they were Muslims until we completed the health survey on the lady of the shop. One of the questions is, ‘What is the amount of time you spend each day in Bible study and prayer?’ She said she prayed 5 times a day, but doesn’t read the Bible because she is Muslim. Her husband was also there and wanted a health survey done on him, too. We agreed to have another visit with them to do the health survey for him and to give her a massage and hydrotherapy treatment. Jesus loves even the Muslims!”

And those were just a few stories of how the medical missionary work – the entering wedge – has been successful for our PAFCOE students! God has provided us the way to get into hard hearts to be able to reach them for the gospel!

More stories will be posted soon! :)