Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Baptism in UP!

Whenever evangelism is done, everyone always looks forward to the baptism at the end of it and seeing people give their lives to Jesus. Our seminar in UP (University of the Philippines) was no exception. October 11, 2014 was the big day for everyone. Our team of Bible workers who had been doing Bible studies to prepare interests for the seminar were excited to see who would choose to follow Jesus all the way.

We rented a pool since there was no church yet on the campus and we praise God for the 41 souls that sealed their commitment to Him through the watery grave of baptism! It started the sprinkle when we started the baptism, so that’s why everyone has their umbrellas. Here are the pictures:

We praise God for what He did there on UP and for the new church to be planted there! Each of those baptized had their own unique story of how God worked in their lives. I will post one of their stories in the future once I write it up.

One student said, “We were so happy that 3 of the children that we had been working with decided to be baptized! It was a little difficult to explain to their parents about it, but God helped us and because of that, we were able to get permission from their parents for their baptism. I am so blessed!”

“My inspiring experience was when I was able to welcome the newly baptized people and see the lady that we had been doing Bible studies with among them! I feel that God is such a loving God to perform this miracle that reached this soul through us and the seminar. I believe all heaven rejoiced!”

Please pray for the newly established church there in UP. God has great plans for it!