Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Seeker for truth becomes a soul winner!

What an amazing God we serve! He can take a seeker for truth and change him/her into a soul winner for Him! This is one of those stories!

Ruby seldom went to church because she considered herself too busy with her office job to find time for that. Besides, she described the mass as “boring,” so why should she go there anyways? Along with moderately smoking and occasionally drinking alcohol, she loved to follow the latest fashion trends in dress. Most of her busy life was spent in the office and with her family.

But though Ruby would read the Bible once in awhile, she didn’t understand most of it. Something seemed to be missing from her life. So she began praying that God would send someone to explain the Bible to her. Though she had visited different religions, none of them seemed quite right.

Usually after work, Ruby stayed in her house, but one afternoon as she went out of the house, she found her younger sister talking with two young men dressed in Amazing Facts uniforms named James and Fermin. As she approached them, she was impressed that they were dressed so professionally and spoke so politely to her when she asked what they wanted. Fermin and James asked her if she had heard about Amazing Facts before. She had not, so they invited her to do their simple survey, to which she agreed.

At the end of the survey, when they asked her if she would like to study the Bible, Ruby readily agreed. This was the answer to her prayers! So week by week, Fermin and James returned to share with her God’s truth. As they studied together with Ruby, her son and her younger sister, she told them, “I feel such peace in my heart with all these things I am learning!” Fermin said, “I was so inspired that God used providential circumstances to guide us to Ma’am Ruby!”

As they studied the Bible with Ruby, they invited her to the upcoming Prophecies of Hope seminar. Describing their conversation, she said, “I was very interested in that program and determined to attend.” Of course, the devil did not want Ruby to learn about God’s truth from the Bible and she met with challenges right from the beginning. The venue for the Prophecy seminar was not in a very easily accessible place and Ruby and her companions got lost on her way there since she was not familiar with the place. So they stopped and asked the University of the Philippines students where the venue was since it was on their campus. But no one seemed to know where that was. Finally one student opened his phone and through Google maps was able to show them how to get there. Ruby and her companions were so happy to finally reach the venue and find Fermin and James waiting for them there! Ruby enjoyed the meeting and determined to come again to learn more from God’s Word.
(From left: James, Ruby, her sister, her husband, Michael and Fermin)

After Pastor Lowell and Michael (they were team preaching) shared the topic of salvation, James said, “I could tell that our interest, Ma’am Ruby was convicted about the topic and that the Holy Spirit is working on her heart. After that meeting, she told us that all her confusion was gone and such amazing peace filled her heart! Also she understood the Bible very clearly now. Before we went home, we prayed together and tears filled her eyes. I was so inspired by what God is doing!”

Speaking of the prophecy seminar, Ruby said, “Each night I attended, I learned new and amazing facts about the Bible and things I had never known before. My interest grew and grew each day and I couldn’t wait to see what would be in the next topic! I had been very afraid of the book of Revelation before, but not now!”

Fermin and James were so happy to know that when Pastor Lowell and Michael preached on the topic of baptism, Ruby decided to be baptized for they knew the Holy Spirit was working in her heart! James said, “We were so happy when Ma’am Ruby chose to keep the Sabbath and change her day off from Tuesday to Sabbath so she could follow all God’s commandments! We also noticed that she is so eager to share with she has learned with her family and office workers.”

Day by day continued to pass and Ruby faithfully attended each meeting and she said, “Little by little my life began to change as I learned more and more truth from the Bible. I changed my lifestyle, my dress and how I used to eat. Now I spend more time reading and meditating on God’s Word and praying rather than on the computer or watching TV. Knowing God’s Word gives you peace and hope in life!”

Ruby giving her life to Christ.
The last Sabbath, Ruby together with many others sealed her commitment to Christ in baptism! James said, “It is in ministry and service that I have experienced true happiness and genuine peace! When I went through the welcoming line to greet all the newly baptized people, I felt that was one of the most precious moments in my ministry to see someone that I had worked for there! I feel that God is so great to use my partner and me to reach some of these precious souls! All heaven must be rejoicing with us, too!”

Fermin, his partner said, “Though there were many obstacles in her path, Ma’am Ruby was committed to following Jesus all the way! I was so inspired to watch her being baptized! God is so amazing!”

Fermin and Ruby after her baptism
Soon after her baptism, Ruby said, “As a Christian and mother, I am responsible to help save the souls of those around me. I will start by teaching my children and my husband and then seek to share what I learned with others. I believe God will use me too!”

And that’s not the end of the story! When two of the PAFCOE iShare students were looking for a site to hold their small group Bible study OJT (On the Job Training), Ruby offered the use of her home to which they gladly accepted. For the next month, Ruby and her family and those who came to attend, listened to another prophecy series presented through a small group Bible study. She was so happy to do something to help others learn more about the Jesus she loved so much!

Speaking about her experience at the seminar, Ruby said, “If you are looking for the truth, this is an excellent place to find it! Knowing the prophecies of the Bible will open your mind to what is really happening in the world today and give you hope for the future! Each topic was presented in a confident, dynamic way that drew you into the picture.”

Then she added, “The students of Amazing Facts (PAFCOE) are very persistent in their work. Also they are modest and presentable and speak correctly and politely. I am really amazed with their knowledge of the Bible though they are young! My questions were answered satisfactorily from the Bible!

Praise God for turning Ruby from a truth-seeker to a soul winner for Him! God has amazing ways of bringing souls to Him!