Monday, December 29, 2014

Wrong IDs, Protection and Happiness in Bible studies!

This post, I will be sharing more inspiring experiences from our PAFCOE students in their outreach!

God really worked marvelously for one student, who reported: “After giving a Bible study on our outreach, we went to a place for me to receive money. At first, I was worried because I had left my official ID at my room and all I had with me was my PAFCOE student ID and my ID from the prophecy seminar we were doing each night at the University of the Philippines. Of course, neither of them are acceptable for receiving money. But God impressed me to try to use them anyways and see what He would do for me. So I showed my two IDs to the lady and she was very surprised! Why? Because she had received a flyer for the seminar and she recognized my seminar ID was the same as the flyer. And she had wanted to attend the seminar, but didn’t know where to go. We told her the seminar was still going on and told her how to get there. And I was so happy to invite her and encourage her to attend. But I was even happier when I received the money that someone had said even though my IDs weren’t the right kind. I really thank the Lord for His leadings!”

God’s protecting angels were over several students as they were traveling to their outreach. One said, “We were really protected and even saved from possible death on our last outreach day! Our jeepney crashed into another jeepney in an accident at a large, busy intersection. Our driver had ignored the red light and when through it even though he was supposed to stop. When the light turned green on the other side, about 10 cars were headed towards us and it was real chaos! Fortunately there were no big cars or buses and most were able to swerve away from us and avoid a collision, but one jeepney couldn’t and we collided with him. I could smell the fuel and yelled to my partner to jump out! But praise God, no one was injured! We thank God for His protection over us!”

One of our foreign students said, “This week, I had my first time to do a Bible study because my student could understand English and I had the opportunity! I was so happy! Even though there was very heavy rain on our way back after outreach and lots of traffic, but I was full of joy in my heart! Praise God!”

Another student added, “This week, when I went to do Bible studies with my interests, they were so busy repairing their house from a recent flood. So I thought I wouldn’t have a Bible study that day. But God is so good! He brought us to the house of one of our church members whose parents were not Adventist and we started Bible studies with them! The time flew by so quickly that soon more than 2 hours had passed by! I was so inspired to see their eagerness in learning from the Bible!”

Bible studies are found in unexpected ways, too! One student said, “I was assisting the late comers in our church Sabbath morning to find a place to sit as an usher. I met a man in his 60s and to my surprise, I learned he was not an Adventist! He had the same local dialect as mine and we really connected. I introduced him to my other friends and then invited him to join our Bible study that afternoon, and he agreed!”

Another student commented on her experience by saying, “After our class, instead of riding a tricycle to go home, I decided to just walk. As I walked along, I was impressed to buy load for my cell phone, but I reasoned that I still had a good amount and didn’t need any. But I decided to stop anyways and the man asked me if I was a Seventh-Day Adventist. I told him, ‘Yes, and only baptized last year.’ He was really amazed that I was already doing outreach. He had noticed my Bible and my uniform with Amazing Facts on it. As we talked, I learned that he was born into an Adventist home, but had been away from the church for many years already. He advised me never to leave the church as he had done. I tried to encourage him to return. God had a divine appointment for me that day!”

And another said, “As we were walking to our outreach place, I felt a bit sad and discouraged. But then I remembered one of the Bible verses our teacher had required us to memorize – Psalms 126:5, 6. “They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.” That verse gave me hope! Just the next person that we met, we offered a Bible study to and he gladly accepted! Praise God!”

And those were just a few of them! God has amazing stories for you to experience too as you work for Him!