Friday, September 19, 2014

Meeting Christ - 1

God has many ways of reaching people for Him! Recently our students shared their personal testimonies of how they met Christ and we will share a few of the most inspiring ones with you!

“I grew up in a Buddhist family in the countryside and went to study with the Buddhist monks. I became a very serious Buddhist follower, but loved to work on the farm. I definitely wasn’t a Christian and had a very ‘hopeless’ life. I was the bad child in the family. But I found Christ when my oldest brother brought me to study in an Adventist school. There I learned about the Bible and made many friends that helped and encouraged me to follow God and be a Christian. I was baptized a few years ago in the school where I was studying. Now God has blessed me so abundantly! He gave me a new life to be His servant and provided all my needs! God has richly blessed my life now! I am so happy!”

 “Before I met Jesus, I was very miserable – indulging in all the world’s pleasures and entertainment with my worldly friends. I would rather sleep than go to church and when I did go, it was so boring for me. But I found Jesus when I started working as a literature evangelist. This missionary work really directed me to Jesus. I learned that doing my earthly pleasures didn’t fit with my new work. I discovered that attending church was very essential to keeping up my relationship with God and I found myself becoming an active church member! I learned how to walk with God, while doing His work and my life was completely changed. I’m so glad God really changed my life and I realized God has a plan for my life! My life now is so blessed because I am here in PAFCOE to be trained on how to work further for the Lord. I really believe that God really cares and knows what’s best for me. Today I’m really enjoying my life as a soul-winner with Christ. This is such a great experience to be working together with God in every step of the path I am on!”

“I had almost everything I wanted in my life, but I felt a need of something or someone to share my problems to. Such a need led me to look for it everywhere I went. I ended up looking for answers in the wrong direction and ended up in the wrong places. I tried everything until I exhausted my energy. Finally I was sitting in a park one day thinking about my life when I remembered my father’s words when I was still young. He told me that he will not look for riches, profession or accomplishments. He would only ask how my relationship with Jesus is. I took my Bible and began meditating and seriously praying again. I took all my problems to god and began loving Him with all my heart! My life began to change. My trials, temptations and persecutions are not all gone, but rather increased! However, I found the peace to endure and strength to overcome through Jesus Christ. As the days go by, He makes me feel complete and I always have someone to lean on during days of trials. I found the purpose of my life in Him! Jesus is the most significant person in my life that I want to share with others!”

“I was not always a Seventh-Day Adventist. Before I became one, I was drinking, smoking and even using drugs. But God was guiding me in the right path and gradually transformed my life! About 9 years ago, a lay woman evangelist went to our place because that was her assignment. One of my friends, who happened to be a SDA backslider invited me and other friends to do Bible studies with the lay woman evangelist. Why? Because we were interested in her beautiful daughter and wanted to have the privilege of courting her! We were 13 boys studying with the mother, hoping to gain the daughter! After months of studying, we all decided to be baptized, but I was the only one who could not be baptized because my parents gave me severe opposition. I experienced a great deal of persecution from my family and my Mother decided not to support me anymore in my school. Then she told me that if I didn’t stop worshipping on the Sabbath day, she will decide to make me as if I was not her son anymore. So I went to live on my own and became independent. I became a working student and worked to pay for all my expenses. But still God is so good to me and He never left me despite my challenging experiences! Four years later, I was baptized and the brethren encouraged me to join the missionary work. That is the time I found the true peace in my heart that I was looking for! I found true joy! I still have many struggles, but God is so good because He is always with me and helps me to continue walking with Him! I always claim His promises and they encourage me so much!”

That was just a few of the many exciting ways our students have found Christ! More will be coming soon!