Friday, March 16, 2012

Am I ready?

"Hurry, hurry, Michael!" I called down the stairs to my brother in the kitchen. "The wind is whipping through our open windows and I just know the rain is coming! Hurry upstairs and shut your windows before the rain comes inside!"

It was right after the evening meeting and we were getting ready for bed, when suddenly the wind began blowing very strongly through the almost always open windows. The rain storms here really bring heavy rain and combined with strong winds, make for a pretty severe storm.

Then I scrambled to get my own windows shut before the raindrops started. The raindrops were already blowing in as Michael and I finished shutting our windows. And it poured!

Later on, as I was lying in bed, thinking of the events of the day and how everything had gone, I started thinking about the storm and the still pouring rain outside. Michael and I had barely been able to get our windows shut before the water was coming inside. We couldn't see the clouds, since it was dark and earlier in the afternoon, there was no sign of an approaching storm. We were caught, almost unprepared.

Though it didn't matter that much whether we were ready or not for the rain storm (other than getting our things a bit wet), it will matter whether we are ready for the soon coming spiritual storm. A storm that will take place just before Jesus comes back.

And as the wind blew the rain even harder against the window panes, I considered what it would be like for someone who wasn't prepared for Jesus' coming. It will not be a pleasant time, that's for sure! And as I drifted off to sleep, my thought was, "Lord, help me to be ready for your coming!"

Let's strive each day to live our lives as if it were our last, that we will be prepared for Jesus' soon return!

Am I ready? Are you?

"Therefore, be ye also ready. For in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of Man cometh." Matthew 24:44.