Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Carnivore or Herbivore?

"Did God create us to be herbivores or carnivores?"

This question was posed to our students by one of their guest speakers, Dr. Wetz Dela Cruz, who came from Mindanao to be with us for a couple days. He has his own hospital there in Mindanao and treats many of his patients' illnesses with natural remedies and treatments.

We were so blessed to have him with us for a couple days and the knowledge he shared with the students was very important and valuable! The first day he talked about whether God had made us to be carnivores and eat the flesh of dead animals or whether God had made us herbivores to eat fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains. He shows the differences between animals who ate meat and those who didn't (teeth, intestines, energy levels, etc.).  He also shared how to show non-Adventists how important it is to be healthy and be a vegetarian and yet do it in a tactful, kind way.

Yesterday he showed a video of what different people's colons looked like inside. Those who were meat-eaters and high fat consumers had very horrible-looking colons, but on the other hand the healthy vegetarians had excellent-looking ones!

It was very interesting and the students were fascinated. I could never sum up everything he talked about in this short post, but probably the greatest testimony of his time here came from two different students.

One said, "I've decided that I will no longer eat fish anymore. I will be a vegetarian." Praise God! (We are serving vegan food at the cafeteria, but some of the student supplement their diet with their own select food.)

Another said, "I knew that doing health evangelism was important, but I never felt that it was something I could do. After today's lecture, I can feel it in my heart that God wants me to do this work and use the right arm of the body - the health message!"

Dr. Dela Cruz is a doctor like the ones that Ellen White writes about that have the greatest influence that anyone else (I'm paraphrasing). He is a very kind Christian doctor and what a privilege to have him teach at PAFCOE for the last couple days!

In the evenings, we are still holding the evangelistic meetings and God is blessing! This week after Dad preached on the subject of death, we lost some people as death is a hard topic for Catholic people... However, we still have lots of people attending and plenty of children, too!

Thank you for your prayers! God bless!