Sunday, March 4, 2012

One Week...

One week...

One week of seeing God work amazing miracles here in Iloilo.

One week of the evangelistic meeting finished.

One week of  lots of stress and yet, great blessings!

Our blog has been silent for almost a week, because life has been so busy with all the responsibilities of the seminar.  Our hearts are full of rejoicing for what God has done for us!

Last Friday night we started the evangelistic meeting here in Iloilo entitled the "Mysteries of Bible Prophecy." We are renting a cinema inside a huge mall in the downtown area of the city. I don't know exactly how many people the cinema seats, but the first night, we had almost 1,000 people who came to hear God's Word being preached! Praise God! Lots of plastic chairs were set up in the parts of the cinema that had room and every available seat was full. The PAFCOE students were so excited to help out and see people streaming into the hall by the hundreds.

The children's program was very popular, too. Mom and I led out in the program, assisted by some of the PAFCOE students and also some teachers from the local SDA schools. I don't remember how many children we had, but it was around 100. What an enthusiastic bunch of children they were! About 90% of them remembered me from last year when we were in November of 2010, and they were so happy to see us again! Some had brought their friends with them and all participated very well in the program. Usually Filipino children are very noisy, but the Lord really blessed and they were very attentive!

Today the PAFCOE students are going out delivering DVDs to all the participants who have attended. I will write more about what's happening here tomorrow. Praise God for everything He's doing here!