Monday, March 5, 2012

Precious Jewels!

Last night, as I was leading the children in the song service during part of our children's program for the evangelistic meeting, my heart was exceedingly warmed to hear them sing so enthusiastically the Scriptures songs such as "For with God nothing shall be impossible" or "If ye love me, keep my commandments." They sing so heartily with all their might and just love it!

Our program here.
The first time we were here in the Philippines, we didn't know how to control such a large number of children (more than 100+). We did our best, but many times ended in chaos (more or less) and I really wondered how much the children actually learned from the Bible. Probably not that much, because they would socialize and chat with each other during most of the story time. We tried many creative ways to keep them quiet, but nothing seemed to work. Despite our feeble efforts a few children gave their hearts to Jesus and were baptized - praise the Lord!

Children who got baptized in the first seminar we did here.
This time when we came to the Philippines, we determined to do something to keep the children quiet and listening during the Bible story. We wanted them to hear these important truths and understand them!

So we divided the children into groups and had a teacher of PAFCOE student be in charge of that group. Then we offered a simple colorful Sabbath School lesson at the end of the program, if the children would be quiet during the Bible story. Also we cut up the Bible story into sections, so it wasn't so much sitting and so we could keep their attention longer.

It's really amazing with just a simple lesson like we are using, we can have (more or less) peace and quiet in the room during the Bible story! God is so amazing and the children are really learning the truths from God's Word.

Last night, there was a rock concert in the mall near where we have the children's program. We are just meeting in an open space in the mall, so we have no door to shut and the noise was very loud. We turned up our PA, but it still was loud, but despite all the noise, I could see the children were trying to listen as I taught them about the Sabbath and how Jesus wants us to keep it holy each week. About 30-40 mothers also sit in the program to help watch their kids and they also listen to the Bible being spoken each night.

It truly is amazing to see God's blessing as we work for God's precious jewels - the children! :)

"Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."