Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Divine Appointments in Unexpected Places!

Does God have a divine appointment for you somewhere? He probably does and it might be in a place you didn’t expect, either! Pray for that and He will answer and bring you in contact with people who are looking for Him! This week our students wrote their experiences of the divine appointment God gave them and many were so amazing!

One student said, “This week as we were going to our outreach territory, we were riding on a jeepney. As we were traveling along, a man beside us in the jeepney asked us about our Bible study guide that we were holding. We began to talk to him and gave him information about Amazing Facts and he was very open to receive God’s message! We hope he will come to the upcoming seminar and we’re so blessed!” A divine appointment on the jeepney – yes an unlikely place!

Another student said, “Every morning, I pray for the divine appointments God will have for me. On my way to the church for some business, I stopped by a vegetarian restaurant to eat my lunch. I finished my meal and was sitting there at the table, talking to the owner of the restaurant who is my friend. As we were talking, two people entered the place and took their seat at a table next to mine. The lady asked me if I was a vegetarian and I said, ‘Yes.’ She said she is also one and I asked her if being a vegetarian was related to religion and she told me that she had been seeing a well-known Adventist Doctor for some sickness she had. I told her that that Doctor and I are members of the same church. She said, ‘So you’re an Adventist!’ I learned she was receiving Bible studies already from one of our pastors and that she is starting to attend church on Sabbath, too! ‘Praise God!’ I told her. We talked a lot after that and I hope and pray that the Holy Spirit will continue working on her heart and bring her to a decision to be baptized soon!” A divine appointment in a vegetarian restaurant!

Another divine appointment came from this student who said, “Yesterday my partners and I visited a lady with two sons. She and her Mom were sitting in front of her door, so we approached her and gave her the health tract we were distributing. Then we started to talk and as we introduced ourselves and that we are volunteers working with the AFTV (Amazing Facts has a 30 minute broadcast every Sunday on TV), she surprised us! She said that she watches AFTV every week and really enjoys the program! My partners had a long and enjoyable talk with her and we promised to visit her again next week! It was clearly a divine appointment!”

One of our students found a very unique place for her divine appointment! She said, “Last Monday I prayed to God for my divine appointment. The following day, I was invited to go to a wake (the viewing of the one who died). I was hesitant to go, but I forced myself to attend because as a soul-winner I have to socialize. One of my fellow church member lectured to the people on the subject of death and I distributed tracts on the subject of death to all those present. They were all very appreciative! Then I began talking to a young man in his late 20s or early 30s and was able to use the FORT method for our conversation. When he asked what church I go to, I told him and then I also distributed copies of the Great Hope book which I had brought with me and he also received one.” What a great place to witness!

Another student said, “We met many people who wanted to study the Bible this week. One of our Bible studies is with a backslider Adventist. When we first visited his home, he answered our survey for us and then asked us what religion we are. We told him we were Seventh-Day Adventists and asked him if he knew about us. He said, ‘Of course, I am an Adventist too!’ But he had not attended church for 6 months already. We studied with him the prophecies of Daniel and I believe we met him so that he can come back to the church!”

What great places to find divine appointments! If you have not experienced a divine appointment, start praying that God will give you one and watch what He will do through you!

More stories are coming soon!