Sunday, September 7, 2014

Inspiring Experiences from Doing Bible Studies! - 2

God promises to give us strength as we work for Him! Plus, He is arranging circumstances to bring our students into places to reach His lost children for Him. Here are more experiences from their outreach doing Bible studies.

One student said, “It’s so amazing this week that God lead us to a weird house that looked like a haunted house. We hesitated to push the doorbells because it seemed like no one was inside, but suddenly a young lady came out and told us her name. She is from the same city we are from in southern Philippines and was well acquainted with the SDA college we had been attending before coming to PAFCOE. We talked for quite awhile and she was so interested in studying God’s Word. She even knew some SDA friends back in our home town! I know God loves her so much and we prayed with her and plan to visit her again next week.”

She continued, “(This happened just a few minutes before we met the young lady above.) My sister and I decided to talk to the people at the nearby ministore. We introduced ourselves and our purpose and when we said we were volunteers working with Amazing Facts TV, she asked what channel that is on. When we told her, she said, ‘I think Amazing Facts is about the Bible because I watch that program sometimes.’ We were so amazed and happy that she already knew about Amazing Facts, though she is not a SDA. So we gave her a drop-off study and this week we came back and had it all completed and gladly received the next lesson. We also let her borrow my sister’s Bible so she could study more. Real happiness is found in serving others! :)

Her sister said, “I learned this week that we should not underestimate the people or the house we are seeking to reach. We should not skip any house, because God is holding us accountable to try to reach them for Him.”

The first sister shared another inspiring experience by saying, “Before going out to our territory, I prayed that God would lead us to someone who had a longing to receive His Words. As we walked along within our area, we talked to a few people and prayed for some. But some were interested in doing the survey. I started to think that maybe today was not the day for God to give us miracles; maybe next week or some other time. While walking on our way, we looked at our map to see where to go. Then a man asked us if we are looking for a place and could he help us. We just said, ‘No sir, we’re fine. We’re just going home to ____ (name of the street). Suddenly I had the thought to ask him to do the survey. So we did and he accepted without hesitation.  He even gave us his telephone number and address and told us to visit he and his family the next week and we prayed for him.”

“The next week came and we were going back out on outreach again. We visited all the homes of those who had done the surveys the previous week, but most of them were gone. As we were checking the list of those who had answered the survey, we remembered that man from last week. We decided to visit him. When we arrived at his house, we were very amazed because he was really waiting for us! He had prepared his Bible and he and his wife were ready to listen to the Bible study. So we prayed and started our study. They were both so happy because it had been a long time that they had opened the Bible because there was no one to help them understand it. After the study, the man offered to pray and he did. We are planning to go back to their place and do another study with them. Praise God! Deep inside my heart, I was so happy! God answered my prayer and gave us such a great divine appointment for my sister and I!”
Another student shared his experience, “I saw God’s love this week by how receptive the people were to discuss the Bible. They want to know God’s Word. Even in the lower class areas, people greeted me with a smile and the kids love my smile! I saw God’s love in making friends with the people.”

He continued, “My wife and I entered a gated community and were able to survey 3 houses before the guard saw us at the fourth one. He listened to us and then courteously escorted us out of that gated community. I was so inspired how my wife kept witnessing to the guard! In another area, an elderly lady accepted studies with us who told us that her children were SDA, but she is not. It really inspired me to be doing Christ’s work!”

God is continuing to bless our students with amazing experiences for Him! We will sharing more with you soon!