Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Inspiring Experiences from Doing Bible Studies! - 3

Outreach is continuing here at PAFCOE and God is richly blessing our students as they go out witnessing for Him! Below are more of their stories:

One said, “This week, we shared the Origin of Evil topic to our Bible study student, her son and her sister. After the study, we asked them what their reflection about the study was. The 11 year old son replied, ‘This was the first time I learned about this!’ The mother smiled and it gave us courage to continue our efforts because they are not in vain!”

God gave one of our students a remarkable divine appointment! She said, “Our student seemed to be absent as my partner and I approached the place where we were expecting to meet her. As we turned to leave, we saw her walking up the street toward us! We greeted her and went inside her house for the study. As we talked, we found out about her family situation. As we went through the study, she nodded and listened attentively. By the time I came to the appeal, tears were falling down her face. It really touched my heart! I prayed for her and her family and she thanked us for our time and made sure we were coming back again.”

She added, “From this experience, I learned that God really can read the heart! He will lead you to the right place at the right time and speak through you to help the people. But what I realized more than ever before was that God was using these experiences to convince me that I should continue in His work!”

Another student had this experience: “Upon entering the home of our Bible study interest, I saw her lying in bed. Her husband brought two chairs and set them by the bed and my partner and I sat down. We began to know more about this family. Our interest had been operated on months before because of colon cancer and she was still struggling to fully recover. Her husband was taking care of her and their dog, Nathan. She was so thankful for the lessons because she said it helps her be closer to the Bible. She was also thankful for our visit and welcomed us to return again next time.”

While doing outreach, you never know who you might meet, as one student said, “This week during our outreach, a man was observing us that we are doing surveys in that place. While we were walking along, looking for people to survey, he came to us and asked us if we were really aware of what we were doing. So we paused for a moment and listened to his words. He was a Bible scholar, but he didn’t look like one because he looks like a common person. But he told us many stories and facts about the Bible and later told us that he believes in Jesus and had left everything for Christ. He was separated from his wife because she didn’t want to be a Christian and he lost his position at his job also. He also told us how amazed he was at us for going out to share God’s love to those who don’t know him yet. I was so inspired!”

Yet another said, “We are so happy this week because we conducted our first Bible study together! The two Bible students with whom we did it were so eager to learn many things regarding the Bible. My partner and I were very impressed that they enjoyed it so much! They told us that before two Mormons had been visiting with them and studying with them, but had suddenly quit. Praise God, they told us because now we have someone else to study with! Thankfully they were not prejudiced by us, either!”

Of course, outreach always comes with a few surprises and adventures as several students experienced! Here is their story: “My partner and I decided to ride a bus going back home after outreach since the ticket is cheaper than other public transportation. When a bus came by, I asked him if he was going to D. Tuazon and he said, ‘Yes.’ So we jumped on but as we rode along, I had an uneasy feeling that we rode on the wrong bus. So I asked the ticket man many times if we are going to the right street and he always answered me the same. They dropped us off at P. Tuazon – totally in the wrong place! It was just the first letter of the street name that made the difference and we were very far from home! We didn’t know what to do, so we prayed and as we were waiting for another bus to come by, here came two of our classmates! They had also made the same mistake and ended up in the wrong place! I believe God allowed that to happen to them so we could have companions as we went home and didn’t have to be alone. We made it back to our home safe and sound, praise God!”

Yes, doing outreach had its challenges and adventures sometimes! But God is always there to see us through! Keep watching for more exciting stories to be posted soon!
Happy students on outreach!