Friday, September 5, 2014

Inspiring Experiences from Doing Bible Studies! - 1

Outreach here at PAFCOE is going very well and our students are being blessed with many good experiences! Most of them have at least one Bible study with someone in their territory and some have several studies. All are excited to share God’s Word with others! Here are some of their experiences:

One student said, “I met 2 busy people who were selling food beside the street. I gave them the short survey and found out that they want to know more about the Bible! One of them said, ‘I want to read the Bible because I have a friend that was a really bad guy before, but when he started the read the Bible, his life was changed and now he’s a preacher!’ I asked him if he wanted to have that experience in his life, too and he replied positively. The man who was with him was not saying anything and I said to him, ‘Sir, you are very busy!’ He replied, ‘No, it’s ok. I am here always every day.’ I did not expect he will reply that way. I was so inspired that he was willing to take time out of his busy schedule to study the Bible!”

Another student said, “This week we conducted a Bible study with one of our interests. She was so receptive and loved to share with us her experiences. She told us that she was experiencing depression before and had attempted to commit suicide by taking all her pills at one time. Thankfully her children saw her and rushed her to the hospital. She told us that God is really good to her for giving her another chance to live life with her family. She added that our getting to know her was not an accident, but that God was using us to study the Bible with her.”

One student said this, “This week when we went to do our Bible study, our interest was not there, but her sister was washing clothes outside their home. So we conducted a survey on her and she answered all the questions and even accepted the offer for Bible studies. She left her clothes washing to talk to us and after we prayed for her, she told us that we can visit her anytime we come to that area!”

One of our foreign students told her story, “On Thursday, I conducted my very first sit-down study! After going through the study, we continue to share about our faith. Our interest is a very faithful Christian and was so inspired by our study together. She told us personal experiences about her health and how God has helped her. Then she started crying and I wondered why? Because everywhere she goes, she sees people who don’t know Christ’s love. Her tears really spoke to me about how God sees all His children and He loves us so much that He also feels pain over even one lost soul!”

Another happy student said this, “My most inspiring experience I have during this week is that our Bible students really enjoyed our lessons and really can’t wait for our next ones! I’m so glad to be in this ministry! I am so inspired of what God is doing every day in my life here in PAFCOE!”

This was another’s experience, “This week when we went out to do surveys, the first two or three times, no one wanted to take the survey. We started to pray for them and by the fourth house, we met a young man who asked us many questions like – who are you? What are you doing here? What is your purpose and why do you have this question about the Bible? When we answered his questions, we found out that he is an Adventist but for 6 months had not gone to church because of his work. He didn’t even know where he could find a SDA church, but he wants to study the Bible more!”

Another said, “We found a study with a man whose roommate told us to go away! God wanted us to study with that man instead of his roommate!”

Yet another shared, “God is so good to us this week for He led us to a house that really needs Jesus! We knocked at one house and we noticed that there was a little girl who had a big wound on her hand. We asked if we could help them by using natural remedies. They agreed and the next day we brought the things we needed and applied a charcoal poultice. Her mother had a lot of questions about our purpose, ourselves and our religion. But she became interested in learning more about Jesus! She was so amazed that someone who help her child because they didn’t have money for going to the Doctor. She was so thankful to God that He send us to help them and we were so blessed too!”

One student said, “This week we found a very interested old lady to study with! She was so happy to accept the study and promised she would be there next week when we come back for another study.”

The last student shared that she and her partner met an old man and his wife on their outreach and the old man used to be an Adventist, but was not anymore. His wife is atheist but she was very nice to them when they talked to the couple. While she talked with him, her partner talked to his wife. They found out that the old man really wanted to keep his faith and he always prayed that God would save he and his family together in heaven. The student said, “It was such a heart-warming experience! I almost cried when he started to cry.”

You cannot find a more greater joy than to share God’s Word with someone else! More outreach stories will be coming soon!