Saturday, December 29, 2012

PAFCOE continues in 2013!

The year is almost ended - how quickly it has gone! In some ways, it seemed like only yesterday when 2012 began and now only 3 days are left of it!

God has done great things this last year in PAFCOE and He has great plans for next year! PAFCOE is continuing in 2013!

You might like to check out our updated website, which gives details for our next year's plans. As of next year, there will be 2 evangelism schools in the Philippines - one in Iloilo (where we were this whole year) and one in Manila.

We are still taking applications for the next session! For more information, kindly visit our website.

God might be calling you to active ministry work for Him! If so, step forward in faith, trusting Him to provide. Become an enthusiastic soul-winner with God's grace and power!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

23 Graduates!!!

December 10, 2012 marked the end of the 4 month PAFCOE 2nd session with 23 students graduating. It was a special service and below are some pictures from it. This was the RiverView and Jaro choirs who sang for us under the direction of Ma'am Fuentes. (All the picture captions are above the pictures, not below them.)
Happy student marching in. (We didn't get too many pictures of the march in.)
Some of the guys waiting for the girls to come in.
Michael and I (part of the staff) marching in.
Reading Matthew 28:18-20 together.
Pastor Sualog (the district Pastor) giving welcome remarks with the choir in the background.
Graduates and staff singing "How Beauteous are the Feet."
Our registrar giving remarks.
The audience.
Matthew Reyes doing the offering appeal.
Dad doing the sermon.
Certificate time!
Happy graduate!
Renelyn was so happy to have her certificate, because her husband almost died near the end of the program and she had to go home and care for him, but still finished all her work! Praise God!
Watching the video Pastor Doug made for us.
 March out!
Very happy graduates!
 Group picture.
 Some of the first session graduates attended, too.
 These two young men were both Pastor's sons and had been friends for many years.
 Our family and registrar.

We praise God for what He's done through us and the students!

"To God be the glory, great things He has done!"

Monday, December 17, 2012

Meetings, baptisms, classes and fun in Iloilo!

After the seminar in Barrio Obrero ended, a lot went on graduation on December 10.  We had a special PAFCOE baptism where some of our students were baptized or rebaptized in.  The district Pastor was the one who officiated. Below are a couple of them.
 During this time we were preparing around 50,000 crafts for the students' OJT time. It was a huge project, but praise God, we got it all done (thanks to our hard-working students!).  Below are the students working hard on cutting and counting crafts.
But life at PAFCOE is not just all classes, homework, preparing crafts and helping out in evangelistic meetings. There is time for some fun - cooking at the Hargreaves' house! This was a favorite activity for the students where they came and cooked an American meal at our home and enjoyed eating it afterwards!


Randy and Richard Steffens and their family came to Iloilo for a few weeks and did 2 evangelistic meetings, which the students and us participated in.  Below are pictures from their seminars.

Of course, at the end of it, there was another baptism - this time at the Oton beach close to the city.


Soon after this baptism, the students received their money for their seminars and off they went for their own experiences of seeing how the Lord would work through them.

 Praise God for what He's doing there in the Philippines! Thank you for your prayers and support!

Pictures from Barrio Obrero and its baptism!

Here are a few pictures of our time in the Barrio Obrero from August 31 to October 6. To read more about this time, click here.
Registration for the health expo in Barrio Obrero on August 26.

NEWSTART panels and booths. It was very simple, but people still came.

Roberto lecturing on water.
Kevin lecturing on temperance. (He's a nurse by trade.)
Health lecture during the evening with the Doctor.
Doctor Wetz Dela Cruz did the health lecturing and did a great job!
The audience with HCBN doing the filming.
Below are pictures of the seminar.

Dad and his translator (Erme Jun). The people didn't  understand English too well.

Attendance in the covered gym.

Some of the baptismal candidates.
Baptism! It was done in a portable baptistry that we had built - the first one ever to be built in that area!

Our PAFCOE students and staff on the stage the last Sabbath.

Singing with the children up front.

We had to take the chairs and everything down every night.

Students helping every night (sharpening the pencils before the meeting).

Children's program.
 Those are just some of our many experiences there in that place! We praise God for what He did in that area of Iloilo City!