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Adding Virtue to Listening

Jesus had set an example for us on how to listen. That is, to patiently listen. We may find it hard especially when we are put into an unpleasant situation, but it still pays to exercise it.

A lesson from PAFCOE’s Friendship Evangelism class puts it this way: If we are willing to patiently listen, we will be tapping into a natural resource. If we show respect and courtesy by listening, we will find others will begin to reciprocate it back to us. When we win their hearts, we will win the right to be heard.

Such lesson, if put into practice by a soul-winner will bring a remarkable result. And such was Elfeujun’s experience, a 3rd batch graduate of PAFCOE’s Bible Work program.

San Juan mini park, where Elfeu and Mark's Bible studies were mostly conducted
“One day, I was looking for tatay Godofredo in the mini park of San Juan City. When I found him, we sat in the side way, studying our Bible lesson while the people were passing in front of us. Halfway in our study, a man came with a barber’s electric hair trimmer in his hand. He sat beside me and listened to our discussions. The Bible study was over and tatay Fred left, yet the man stayed. I made friend with him using the FORT method and learned his name. He was Dante Sales, a retired seaman. I found out that his wife died last year and had no one to attend to him because almost all of his children had families of their own,” recounted Elfeujun.
                He went on to say, “After knowing him for that brief moment, I inquired of his Christian life and found out that he was a Catholic. I invited him to know more of the Bible by studying it together, but he refused because he had, as he thought, enough knowledge of it. I tried to say to him that he could increase his knowledge of the Word of God, but he insisted that he knew already those things. He began discussing to me about Genesis. He talked about God creating Adam, and Eve taken from his side. He talked of how they sinned by eating the forbidden fruit and were sent away from paradise to till the ground; and he went on talking….”

                “I felt that I was just wasting my time listening to him, but because I had only 25 minutes left before lunch, I decided to listen to his discussions. I really wanted to talk also, but for some reason, perhaps the Lord held my tongue that I just managed to listen until he discussed about the lamb being slain and its blood which was placed into the door posts of the Hebrew houses so that the angel of the LORD will just pass by and leave the firstborn alive,” he continued.

Elfeu and tatay Dante having Bible study lesson

                Convicted by the Holy Spirit, he finally spoke. “I asked tatay Dante if he knew what the lamb symbolizes of. He couldn’t answer so I took courage to present Jesus. I told him that the Lamb was Jesus as stated in John 1:29, “Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world.” Surely, the Holy Spirit worked into his heart because he listened carefully. I told him that Jesus—the begotten Son of God had to die so that the firstborn of humanity symbolizing the descendants of man will not perish. I presented that in the same way, we also needed a Savior because we are deeply plunged into sin and cannot save ourselves; we knew what is wrong but are powerless to resist it. We needed more than human power, we needed a Savior, and that is Jesus, the Lamb of God,” he narrated.

Sensing a wonderful way to minister to the needs of tatay Dante, he showed some flyers he brought with him. “That time, Sir Kevin was about to conduct the Prophecy of Hope Seminar in Quezon City. I discussed to him the flyers,both the Prophecy seminar and Health Expo. The Lord made him interested in the Health Expo because he wanted to avail the free services especially the massage. I invited him and praise the Lord he came with us!”

Truly,when you listen with the patience and love of Jesus,
opportunities to share Him will be opened.

“He listened night after night and learned many things. He told us that he knew Jesus is coming again but he did not know that the Bible clearly indicated the manner of His appearing. He also liked the food we gave him every night because it was vegetarian. He said it was good for his health for he had diabetes. I really got thrilled what would be his reaction when he would learn about the Sabbath. And when that topic was presented, he agreed to it! Praise God! But two weeks after, we felt his absence. I was thinking maybe the truth got too much for him. I contacted him and learned that he went to the province to make some work in his properties. I felt sad because he couldn’t finish the seminar,” he told with sadness.

Elfeu’s dying hope was brought back to life when, “After a week, tatay Dante came back, yet it was the last few days of the seminar. During the last Friday night, Sir Kevin asked those who wanted to be baptized to stay. To my surprise, Tatay Dante stayed.Oh no! I was thinking, ‘No, we can’t bring some unconverted man into the church!’ Kuya Mark told me, ‘Well then, this is the time that the Clearing Sheet is much needed. Just clear him and show him that he lacked the essential truths.’That Sabbath morning, tatay Dante brought with him his clothes because he wanted to be baptized. I took time to do the clearing and told him that he should not feel bad if the Pastor would not permit him for baptism that Sabbath day. Good thing there was another scheduled date for baptism which would be two weeks after and he gladly consented,” he reported.

Dante Sales (not in baptismal robe) with the candidates for baptism
“Kuya Mark and I studied with him daily to cover the topics he missed which were of great importance. He received the truths openly and listened and discussed with us with joy. Two weeks had passed, kuya Mark cleared him again and by God’s grace we found him ready for baptism. When tatay was immersed into the watery grave, my heart was pounding with joy. Praises be to God that He is patiently working into tatay Dante’s life. We even praise God all the more that He is patient to us and caused me to be patient also in listening to him. This experience taught me that,Evangelists should not just talk all the time. They also need to listen, and sometimes to patiently listen,”ended Elfeu.

We praise the LORD for the wonderful lessons
He had taught to His soul-winners. Indeed,
adding a virtue to listening proves to be effective.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Batch 9 Students: First Reaching Out Experiences

         It’s all done! The orientation, door to door survey and tips, even the classes in Personal Evangelism which proved to be very needful to be taught prior to Batch 9 students’ first outreach afternoon had already been discussed. The Outreach kits which had long been prepared before they came were finally handed to every team. At last, the time had come where they were to leave the classroom and put into action what they had been taught of. 

That first outreach afternoon, while the instructions were given, we could see the excitement in their faces, as if anticipating wonderfully exceptional experiences in the field. Or perhaps, a mixture of emotions for some countenances somewhat look worried and afraid at the same time.

Needless to say, off they went with maps in their hands—just making sure not to get lost! Their Outreach area is in Barangay Galas, where the training seminar (Prophecies of Hope) will be held, and its neighboring places. We have 7 teams doing the groundwork—preparing the soil, bringing people to the knowledge of the truth.

Here are testimonies from the students’ first outreach afternoon:

“Call unto me, and I will answer thee….” Jeremiah 33:3

When you are so excited for outreach yet you have a runny nose, it pays to bring a handkerchief. But what if you forget to bring one? Would you just rather stay and rest? Jaiza, who was suffering from runny nose that afternoon, failed to bring her hanky. Not wanting to stay, she uttered a simple prayer. “Lord, kindly stop my runny nose and just make me feel okay.” 

Grateful enough to know that the God she serves heard her request, Jaiza recounted how He answered her prayer, “While in the field, I didn’t have a hard time wiping or cleaning my nose. The outreach went on smoothly and I was able to approach and survey many people without being bothered by it. Surely, God loves me that He fulfilled His promise.”

 “My soul cleaveth unto the dust: quicken thou me according 
to Thy word.” Psalm 119:25

What would you do if after knocking number of doors, telling people your wonderful purpose, still they don’t show any interest in what you are offering? Would you quit and go home? Anjo, who felt so disheartened because of the rejections he received, did something copy worthy. “I decided to stop doing the survey and look for a place where I could read my Bible and claim His promises. I then feel refreshed and comforted. With renewed strength, my partner and I continued on approaching people with confidence that He will perform what He had promised.”

Experiencing the same thing, Shiela and Jeremy also did something worthy of copying, “After three consecutive rejections, we stopped and prayed for a while. Then we went forward with blessed hope that the people living in the next houses would accept us. And true enough, they did!” God really hears. In 1 Kings 9:3 He assures, “I have heard thy prayer and thy supplication, that thou hast made before me….”

“For God so loved the world….” John 3:16

The love of God is made manifest everywhere. You have seen it. I have seen it. And, of course,our PAFCOE students have their share as well! 

“In every inch of our journey, I’d seen His love. We didn’t know what kind of people we met in the field, yet because of His love; protection came all along the way. And not only to us, but also to those people whom we had met and talked to. Out of their responses, it showed that God’s love was in them. And even for those who refused, still the love of God was with them.”—Jahziel James

“Despite of my sinfulness, selfishness and weaknesses, He gave me a chance to reach out other people that needed Him in their lives. In my outreach experience, I saw His great love to them which are lost.”—Solomon 

“When we started to do the survey, I felt discouraged because some people told us that they were busy enough to entertain us. Some got angry at us. But God reminded me through the Holy Spirit to be strong enough to meet those challenges rather than to grow weary. I praise the Lord that He encouraged me to go forward.”—Reymart

“Learn to maintain good works for necessary uses, that they be not unfruitful.” Titus 3:14

Whenever the sun sets in the west, there are those who would take time to sit and glean lessons throughout the day’s work.I count myself in. How about you? or how about our PAFCOE students who spent their afternoon in the field seeking the lost? Sure enough they had learned vital lessons out of their outreach experiences. 
“I realized that I should never look on the outside appearance and not to choose the people that I am going to approach.”—Rowena  

“I had learned that I needed to be a smiling and happy interviewer. Also, I learned that I needed to interview all the houses earnestly in order to have lots of Bible students.”—Christian
         “I learned that patience is needed in reaching out others for Jesus. I also learned that I needed to encourage the people I surveyed to accept the free Bible lessons and always hope for positive response.”—Kenelyn

“But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our LORD and 
Savior Jesus Christ.” 2 Peter 3:18

One of the precious things that Outreach has to offer to the students is giving them room for improvement. Below are the areas they have seen that needs to be improved for better outreach experiences:

“I need to have more confidence in God’s work. I should always pray before leaving the area or before leaving the person I approached. I had to study the word of God so that I will know what to say to the people. I must submit myself to the LORD for He will direct my path.”—May Dafodile

“I have fear in approaching people. I think I should remove first this prejudice in my mind to draw more people to Christ.”—Royco

“Push forward and trust God’s providence more. Giving up easily with rejection and closed door experiences will not totally help me to improve. I needed to be more patient in knocking door because inside it might be those who are hungry for the spiritual food. Develop more the attitude of trusting in God more than in self-effort.”—Shiela

“Be confident enough to smile, to talk, to knock, and in making conversation with the people in order to meet their hearts and to gain their trusts. Study ahead every lesson in order to be prepared whenever there are willing people that will accept the Bible study. In that way, I would be able to answer the questions they may have as well. Lay all the worries upon God and always seek for divine guidance.”—Gaspar

As you have read this article, I hope that you will keep these students in your prayers as they continue to dig for gold nuggets in their outreach territory. Also, may their experiences not only inspire you, but cause you to partake of the work divinely appointed to every one of us.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Experiencing the Blessing of Living in the Joy of the Lord!

"To everyone who offers himself to the Lord for service, withholding nothing, is given power 
for the attainment of measureless results.
-Testimonies, vol. 7, p. 30.

There really is no greater joy than to unite with our Redeemer in the work of soul saving. We recall how the seventy whom Jesus sent out “returned…with joy” (Luke 10:17, KJV). So are the PAFCOE students when they came back after their own Evangelistic Seminar (on-the-job training for one month). They were victoriously happy for they had been co-workers with Jesus and obtain great and precious experiences with Him. Moreover, all of heaven is most exultant. 

When we work with the Lord He fills us with His own joy and we can become partakers with Christ of His glory. Truly, "God reserves His greatest gifts and miracles for soul-winners." We are excited to bring you tidings and rich joys of an abundant harvest prepared for His return. 

The Master worker has powerfully blessed the persevering effort of our PAFCOE missionaries, your prayers, and support to advance the message. In this solemn time may we continue to work together "unitedly and untiringly with Christ in joyous anticipation of the finished task and the imminent glorious victory of God's remnant church."

We bring to you the testimony of the souls saved from the hopeless state of error. 

May you be enthused and richly blessed as you read the success stories and be deeply moved to experience the same joy and want to join us in adding a star to Christ crown.

Dying Souls Risen to Life
(Adult Seminar)

Lita (in white) on May 9 accepted Jesus.

Surigao- I am Lita, 65 years old. I have been a member of the Roman Catholic Church. My life before was but a nightmare to me. I was really inclined with the world. I was a drunkard, I enjoyed to spend my money for gambling, and I loved to flourish my body with Jewelries. I was a slave of my vices. I was so helpless until a great blessing came into my life.

I was invited by my friend, an Adventist, to come to a seminar that was on April 10 to May 9, 2015, in Parang Cantilan SDA Church. It was a Prophecy of Hope Seminar and I Attended one meeting. When I came there, I was so amazed with the presentation because it was so clear to me. Unlike the priest’s way of preaching, I really appreciated the truths being discussed and then I felt being not in the True Church as a Catholic. I also realized that my religion has no restrictions. Everything I heard was new to me and my soul have developed a deep interest of knowing more about God. So, I decided to continue attending the seminar.

I learned many things about God’s truth and I realized that salvation is by obedience through love. I then noticed that my life was changing. I left all my vices-gambling, drinking, and other bad habits when I knew that it was not pleasing to the Lord. Attending the seminar helped me to clearly understand God’s word. I even felt that the Lord had personally sent the evangelists just for me to know God more. The truths I have known brought to me a conviction to follow Jesus and decide for a Baptism.

            Accepting Jesus as my Savior brought a new life to me. I am now glad and hopeful. I even want to share to my neighbors and family the joy of knowing God’s truth. I am very thankful to the Lord for revealing to me His great love through the Prophecies of Hope Seminar of PAFCOE. Without them being sent by the LORD, I will not be able to know the LORD”s plan and will for His people. I thank PAFCOE for being the LORD’s instrument in proclaiming God’s word to us. My prayer for PAFCOE is to continue the work that they have begun that more souls will be brought at the feet of Jesus. To God be the glory!

Daniel with others completely gave their life to Jesus on May 9.
Cebu- I am Daniel, 19 years old and I am a first year College Student. I am born in an Adventist family, but I can say that I was half of the world’s. I was so worldly as my peers also were not Adventist—they were even drug addicts. I was so influenced by them that I seldomly attended church, even twice in a year only. I had many vices such as drinking alcoholic beverages and playing with girls. Joining dance competitions and disobeying my parents were just normal for me. I know the teachings of Seventh-day Adventist Church but I were not serious about it.

My Father is one of the elders in our church and it is through him that I knew about the coming evangelistic seminar in our place. Excited of what will going to happen, I tried to attend at the start of the meeting. Then I were so amazed by the truths I learned. I have never heard about it before. Everything was new and refreshing to me. I was so interested that I continue attending every meeting. I learned many things such as The Seal of God, The Mark of the Beast, The Satan’s Trojan Horses. All made a great impact in my life that I realized that we really need to obey God. I then changed my life’s path and have a commitment to be prepared for every temptation that would come, especially that I had peers. I want to stand for the truth and be strong in faith to God. Now I love to listen to my parents.

Having the word of God in my mind, I want to cleanse my sins and have a new life with Jesus. So, I decided to follow Jesus in baptism and I want to grow in Christ. This time, I want to deal with my faith seriously. Now that I have a new life, I will do my best to share God’s love with other people.

The seminar is really a great blessing for me. I know that there are still young people, like me, out there who needs Christ in their life. Amazing Facts Ministry is God’s instrument that other people may know our Savior. Thank you very much! Deepest gratitude to our LORD!

Aerial view of El Nido Palawan.
El Nido Palawan- I am Nenita, 58 years old. I am a Seventh-day Adventist but it has been several years already that I left attending Church. I was so weak and cold in faith that I totally left my duties as an Adventist Member.

I only accomplished second-year in highschool so I was just working at home, helping my family. I had a lot of chores at home that I even forgot my soul. I also took care of my grandchildren. I was doing many work such as selling fish and any work just to help my family. I knew that my soul is dying. I even felt one time to go back to the LORD but our church was destroyed because of natural disasters and from that time on, no one dared to visit our church and the members. Not only me, but almost all of the members died spiritually. Before, I had a dream that there was a light appearing from heaven and I heard a voice saying “Jesus Christ is coming again!” In my heart, I know that I need to go back to God but I do not know how. I was hoping for so long that someone will come in our place to visit and help us be revived and awakened in faith.

On day, a church member of Sibaltan came to my house and told me that there will be an evangelistic meeting in our place. I knew that this is the thing that I have been longing for so long. The evangelist invited me to come to their ‘Prophecies of Hope’ Seminar every night. So, I glad responded and attended the meetings as much as I am available.

Attending the seminar brought a life to my dying soul. I learned many things that it is so refreshing to me. The truth was so clear to me that it helped me change my life and go back at the feet of Jesus. Eventually, I stopped mentioning bad words to my children, I am now attending church every Sabbath, and many more changes in my life happened when I draw back to God.

I believe that God sent the evangelist to help me of my spiritual condition. So after the seminar meetings, I saw the opportunity to decide for a re-baptism because I really want to go back to my Father. Having a new life, I have now firmer and stronger reliance to our Lord. I want to serve Him. I will share to others specially to my family about the true church of the Lord. Above all, I will live the truths I learned and live with a character like Christ.
I really thank the Lord for the Prophecies of Hope Seminar, the Amazing Facts Ministry, and to the evangelists. It greatly helped usThank you for being a blessing!

iShare too, is a Great Means 
to Direct People to Jesus

Metro Manila- I am Mansueto Laggui, 47 years old. I am a Born Again Christian but my life did not even represent my denomination. I have been a backslider for several years and my life was all against God’s will. I am enslaved with my vices—cigarette smoking, gambling and even drinking alcoholic beverages. All of these brought a great misery to my life. I had many troubles, challenges, and unsolved problems in life. I felt I had the worst life. I felt so empty and I had many questions about life.

           Then, I was invited by my friend to join a Bible Study. I was even invited to attend their seminar “Prophecies of Hope”. I responded to their invitation that, unknowingly, would change my whole life for the better. As I attended the seminar, I was really blessed with the truths I have learned. All my questions were answered by the Bible. I was convicted with the truths revealed that It made a great impact in my life. I learn to trust God, I eventually felt confident and loved. I then decided to stop my vices; and be loving and patient to my children. Before, my children never respected me but now they already respect and obey my commands. I learn to be humble and have a positive outlook in life.

     The moment when the truths were clearly presented, I have deeply understand everything. I then felt guilty with all my sins. I want to draw back to Jesus. I am like a lost child who found his way back home to His Father. Now, I want to have a deep relationship with God as my Father. So I decided to be baptized and have a new life.

            Now, having a new life, I want to live life according to God’s will. I will live the truths I knew. To share the truth with others is my desire in order for them to experience also the joy and hope of being with Jesus and His second coming.

I praise the Lord for He provided missionaries. The Amazing Facts is such an effective ministry. I like the Storacle Lessons because it is based on the Bible. Praise the Lord! Thank God and thank you PAFCOE!

Carrying on, in Bringing Gems to Jesus
(Children's Program)

Masbate- I am Daryl Marquez, 13 years old, and I am a high school student. As a growing youth, I need my parents to guide me of my decisions. However, I did not have the privilege to be taken care of my parents because they separated when I was still very young. I was just left in my grandma’s house and my life was not easy, not being with my mother and father. Then, I grew very naughty making my life so alone and miserable. I was longing for a motherly and fatherly love and care. I was a Roman Catholic as my parents and grandmother were so, but I never had a deep knowledge about God.
May 9- Daryl together with other souls on their Baptism.

One day, missionaries came to our place in Can-initon, Mandaon, Masbate. The evangelist invited me to attend the children’s program in Prophecies of Hope Seminar. So, I went to the children’s program and I enjoyed being there. The program was so nice that I kept on attending it. I have learned many things about God and His wonders. I learned how God love and died for us just to save us. I love to hear the stories about Jesus. Also, I learn new songs from the Bible. My favorite song is the 10 Commandments. The seminar really made a great impact in my life to be a good girl. My character was changed and I am afraid now to do naughty things. Also, I do not like to eat pork anymore.

When I heard the truth about the Bible and the True Church, I then decided to follow and accept Jesus through baptism. I want to see Jesus in heaven. Now that I have accepted Jesus as my Savior, I am going to apply the things I learned. Young as I am, I am happy to know the truth and I will share it to my family and friends.

Prophecies of Hope Seminar was very nice, a life-changing and a character building seminar. I hope this will happen again in our place. When I am old enough, I will join the Amazing Facts Ministry so that I will be trained also to be a God’s worker. I am very thankful to God that He sent the missionaries. Because of them, I knew Jesus. I am so blessed.

Friends, "When church members put forth earnest efforts...
they will live in the joy of the Lord and will meet with success.  
-Testimonies, vol. 7, p. 30.

God is calling you! 
Please Click Read more.

Join Batch 8 on August 6-December 9!

Join the Full-time (4 Months) Program and learn the 5 aspects of evangelism:

1. Public Evangelism 
2. Personal Evangelism 
3. Child Evangelism 
4. Health Evangelism 
5. Literature Evangelism 
plus Bible Doctrines, Daniel and Revelation, and many more!

No time for Full-time?

Join iShare - PAFCOE's 12 Sunday program made for you!

 iShare focuses on Personal Evangelism so you can start sharing God's word.

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Make sure you meet the following qualifications before you apply:

A. A baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in regular attendance
B. In good standing in the local church and immediate community
C. At least 16 years old (mental & emotional maturity will be assessed)
D. With no known communicable disease
E. Competent English comprehension

Please make sure to click the appropriate link for the program you are applying in to. 
1. Read the PAFCOE ADMISSION DETAILS & POLICY and complete the included AGREEMENT Form:

2. Complete the PAFCOE Student Application Form:

3. E-mail an attachment of a scanned copy of your Baptismal Certificate and Physical Examination Findings to 

*The Physical Examination Findings must NOT be older than 6 months. For Fulltime Program applicants, the physical examination must at least include CBC, Urinalysis, and X-ray. For iShare Program applicants, the physical examination must at least include an X-ray. Original copy of the Baptismal Certificate and Physical Examination Findings must be brought upon final registration process.

4. Let 3 different persons complete the the PAFCOE Applicant Reference Form. Make sure that your referee clicks the appropriate link: 

*References are to be filled out by individuals that are not related to you and have known you for at least a year. Ideally, due to the nature of the question on the reference form, it is best to find individuals that know you in a spiritual or academic setting, but this is not required. Reference suggestions include pastors, teachers, elders/deacons, chaplains, etc.

5. E-mail ( or call ((+63)905-685-7774 / (+63)932-077-6063) the PAFCOE Registrar and make arrangements to pay your registration fee.

*Registration fee is Php 200 for local applicants and $25 for international applicants. Applications without registration fee will not be processed. Registration fee is non-refundable.

6. WAIT for a return communication from the PAFCOE Registrar to know whether your application is approved or declined - only applications with complete requirements will be processed

7. Reply to the registrar's return communication and follow the instructions given.

For more information, visit us:
Facebook Page:

You may e-mail us:

or Call us:
(+63) 905-685-7774
(+63) 932-077-6063

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hargreaves moving to Africa!

Some of you might be wondering what has been happening with the Hargreaves as I have been so silent on this blog. Yes, much has happened since the last post I wrote about Pastor Doug coming to Manila.

During the OJT (On the Job Training) time that all our PAFCOE student were out at their various sites doing their evangelistic meetings, our family headed to Zambia, Africa for our own evangelistic meetings there. God richly blessed our work there and you can read the stories from our time there on our new blog Africa Adventures.

One of the reasons that we went to Africa was to check out the possibilities of starting another Amazing Facts School of Evangelism on that great continent. We praise God for the opportunities He is working out for us there and we invite each one of you to follow our new blog and watch the stories of God's leading there in Africa.

So our family is transferring our mission work from the Philippines to Africa to start another school of evangelism there soon. But PAFCOE is not ending! As you saw from the last post by Kevin (the new PAFCOE director), the 8th session/batch of PAFCOE is accepting applicants and will continue under the local Filipino leadership that we have trained to carry on in our absence. So he or his other staff will be the ones posting on this blog from now on.

We encourage each of you to follow the miracles that God will be working in the future both in the Philippines and in Africa! We will certainly miss all our dear friends in the Philippines, but we trust that the school will continue as we launch out into a new location.

May God richly bless you!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

PAFCOE 8th Session Registration is Ongoing - Online Registration is Now Available!

Are you a faithful reader of this PAFCOE blog – enjoying the testimonies of what God is doing here in the Philippines? Maybe God is calling you to come and train at PAFCOE and be a part of the amazing stories He is writing in the lives of His witnesses here in Asia!

The 8th session of PAFCOE begins August 6 and goes until December 9, 2015. PAFCOE trains and equips clergy and lay people in all aspects of evangelistic ministry. We believe that all Christians are called by God to share His saving love and truth with others!
You might like to know you would learn at PAFCOE if you were to enroll. PAFCOE covers 5 aspects of evangelism listed below:

Public Evangelism – Have you ever wondered whether God could use you to be a speaker in a prophecy evangelistic seminar? Are you afraid to speak in public? Would you like to learn how you (yes, you!) can be a public evangelist?

Come train at PAFCOE!

Personal Evangelism – Are you longing to have the confidence when talking to strangers about the Lord or your faith? Are you wondering whether God could use you to be a witness for Him? Are you wishing for more knowledge to be able to give a successful Bible study to others? Are you a seasoned Bible worker seeking to know what to say to bring your Bible study interest to make a decision for Christ?

Come train at PAFCOE!

Child Evangelism – Did you know that God can use you to reach the littlest members of His family – the children? Are you inspired to be a child evangelist, but aren’t sure how to get started? Are you seeking the knowledge of how you can share God’s true church doctrines to the children?

Come train at PAFCOE!


Health Evangelism – Have you been hoping to learn how you can be a medical missionary and use the simple natural remedies in your work for others? Do you want to know how God can use you in the health evangelism ministry – even if you are not a medical professional?

Come train at PAFCOE!

Literature Evangelism – Are you looking for ways to share God’s books to others searching for the truth? Are you afraid to knock on doors because of many past rejections? Do you want to be inspired to know you can be a successful literature evangelist?

Come train at PAFCOE!

But that’s not all! There is more!

Daniel & Revelation – Have you ever wanted to really understand these great prophetic books? Have you wondered what practical lessons you can learn from them? Are you challenged to a deeper understanding?

Come train at PAFCOE!

Bible Doctrines – Do you want to know how to answer difficult Bible questions? Are you wanting to witness for the Lord, but afraid you don’t know the answer to someone’s question? Do you want to deeply understand the doctrines of our church?

Come train at PAFCOE!

Those are just some of the many things you will be learning during the 3 month training program! After the 3 months of class instruction and in-the-field outreach, you will be sent on a one-month OJT (On the Job Training) for public evangelism – for adults or for children.

The experiences you will gain during that one month evangelism program are truly priceless! The stories our students bring back with them are truly evidence that God uses anyone in His great work of soul-winning! One student said, “I am so grateful to PAFCOE for all I have learned! During my OJT, all the things I had been taught came back to me just at the right time I needed them and I knew exactly what to do in each situation! Praise God for using me!”

Maybe you are reading this from another country other than the Philippines. Is God calling you to join, but you aren’t sure how you could come to a foreign country to take the training? In every single session, we have foreign students coming from all over the world and God blesses them just as much as the local students!

God is calling you today to work for Him? Will you answer His call? Will you say, “Yes, Lord, I will go”?

(Contents above were written by Sis. Teresa Hargreaves)

Online Application is now available!

Make sure you meet the following qualifications before you apply:
  • A baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in regular attendance
  • In good standing in the local church and immediate community
  • At least 16 years old (mental & emotional maturity will be assessed)
  • With no known communicable disease
  • Competent English comprehension 

APPLY ONLINE! (click the links):

1. Read PAFCOE ADMISSION DETAILS & POLICY and complete the included AGREEMENT


3. E-mail an attachment of a scanned copy of your Baptismal Certificate and Physical Examination
    Findings to
    *The Physical Examination Findings must NOT be older than 6 months and must at least include
    CBC, Urinalysis, and X-ray. Original copy of the Baptismal Certificate and Physical Examination
    Findings must be brought upon final registration process.

4. Let 3 different persons complete the PAFCOE APPLICANT REFERENCE FORM:
    *References are to be filled out by individuals that are not related to you and have known you for
    at least a year. Ideally, due to the nature of the question on the reference form, it is best to find
    individuals that know you in a spiritual or academic setting, but this is not required. Reference
    suggestions include pastors, teachers, elders/deacons, chaplains, etc.

5. E-mail ( or call ((+63)905-685-7774 / (+63)932-077-6063) the
    PAFCOE Registrar and make arrangements to pay your registration fee.
    *Registration fee is Php 200 for local applicants and $25 for international applicants. Applications
    without registration fee will not be processed. Registration fee is non-refundable.

6. WAIT for a return communication from the PAFCOE Registrar to know wither your application is
    approved or declined - only applications with complete requirements will be processed

7. Reply to the registrar's return communication and follow the instructions given.

You may find more information about the PAFCOE program by going to our website. We look forward to hearing from you and maybe even seeing you as a student in the next session! Hurry now and register before it’s too late!

May God bless you!