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Experiencing the Blessing of Living in the Joy of the Lord!

"To everyone who offers himself to the Lord for service, withholding nothing, is given power 
for the attainment of measureless results.
-Testimonies, vol. 7, p. 30.

There really is no greater joy than to unite with our Redeemer in the work of soul saving. We recall how the seventy whom Jesus sent out “returned…with joy” (Luke 10:17, KJV). So are the PAFCOE students when they came back after their own Evangelistic Seminar (on-the-job training for one month). They were victoriously happy for they had been co-workers with Jesus and obtain great and precious experiences with Him. Moreover, all of heaven is most exultant. 

When we work with the Lord He fills us with His own joy and we can become partakers with Christ of His glory. Truly, "God reserves His greatest gifts and miracles for soul-winners." We are excited to bring you tidings and rich joys of an abundant harvest prepared for His return. 

The Master worker has powerfully blessed the persevering effort of our PAFCOE missionaries, your prayers, and support to advance the message. In this solemn time may we continue to work together "unitedly and untiringly with Christ in joyous anticipation of the finished task and the imminent glorious victory of God's remnant church."

We bring to you the testimony of the souls saved from the hopeless state of error. 

May you be enthused and richly blessed as you read the success stories and be deeply moved to experience the same joy and want to join us in adding a star to Christ crown.

Dying Souls Risen to Life
(Adult Seminar)

Lita (in white) on May 9 accepted Jesus.

Surigao- I am Lita, 65 years old. I have been a member of the Roman Catholic Church. My life before was but a nightmare to me. I was really inclined with the world. I was a drunkard, I enjoyed to spend my money for gambling, and I loved to flourish my body with Jewelries. I was a slave of my vices. I was so helpless until a great blessing came into my life.

I was invited by my friend, an Adventist, to come to a seminar that was on April 10 to May 9, 2015, in Parang Cantilan SDA Church. It was a Prophecy of Hope Seminar and I Attended one meeting. When I came there, I was so amazed with the presentation because it was so clear to me. Unlike the priest’s way of preaching, I really appreciated the truths being discussed and then I felt being not in the True Church as a Catholic. I also realized that my religion has no restrictions. Everything I heard was new to me and my soul have developed a deep interest of knowing more about God. So, I decided to continue attending the seminar.

I learned many things about God’s truth and I realized that salvation is by obedience through love. I then noticed that my life was changing. I left all my vices-gambling, drinking, and other bad habits when I knew that it was not pleasing to the Lord. Attending the seminar helped me to clearly understand God’s word. I even felt that the Lord had personally sent the evangelists just for me to know God more. The truths I have known brought to me a conviction to follow Jesus and decide for a Baptism.

            Accepting Jesus as my Savior brought a new life to me. I am now glad and hopeful. I even want to share to my neighbors and family the joy of knowing God’s truth. I am very thankful to the Lord for revealing to me His great love through the Prophecies of Hope Seminar of PAFCOE. Without them being sent by the LORD, I will not be able to know the LORD”s plan and will for His people. I thank PAFCOE for being the LORD’s instrument in proclaiming God’s word to us. My prayer for PAFCOE is to continue the work that they have begun that more souls will be brought at the feet of Jesus. To God be the glory!

Daniel with others completely gave their life to Jesus on May 9.
Cebu- I am Daniel, 19 years old and I am a first year College Student. I am born in an Adventist family, but I can say that I was half of the world’s. I was so worldly as my peers also were not Adventist—they were even drug addicts. I was so influenced by them that I seldomly attended church, even twice in a year only. I had many vices such as drinking alcoholic beverages and playing with girls. Joining dance competitions and disobeying my parents were just normal for me. I know the teachings of Seventh-day Adventist Church but I were not serious about it.

My Father is one of the elders in our church and it is through him that I knew about the coming evangelistic seminar in our place. Excited of what will going to happen, I tried to attend at the start of the meeting. Then I were so amazed by the truths I learned. I have never heard about it before. Everything was new and refreshing to me. I was so interested that I continue attending every meeting. I learned many things such as The Seal of God, The Mark of the Beast, The Satan’s Trojan Horses. All made a great impact in my life that I realized that we really need to obey God. I then changed my life’s path and have a commitment to be prepared for every temptation that would come, especially that I had peers. I want to stand for the truth and be strong in faith to God. Now I love to listen to my parents.

Having the word of God in my mind, I want to cleanse my sins and have a new life with Jesus. So, I decided to follow Jesus in baptism and I want to grow in Christ. This time, I want to deal with my faith seriously. Now that I have a new life, I will do my best to share God’s love with other people.

The seminar is really a great blessing for me. I know that there are still young people, like me, out there who needs Christ in their life. Amazing Facts Ministry is God’s instrument that other people may know our Savior. Thank you very much! Deepest gratitude to our LORD!

Aerial view of El Nido Palawan.
El Nido Palawan- I am Nenita, 58 years old. I am a Seventh-day Adventist but it has been several years already that I left attending Church. I was so weak and cold in faith that I totally left my duties as an Adventist Member.

I only accomplished second-year in highschool so I was just working at home, helping my family. I had a lot of chores at home that I even forgot my soul. I also took care of my grandchildren. I was doing many work such as selling fish and any work just to help my family. I knew that my soul is dying. I even felt one time to go back to the LORD but our church was destroyed because of natural disasters and from that time on, no one dared to visit our church and the members. Not only me, but almost all of the members died spiritually. Before, I had a dream that there was a light appearing from heaven and I heard a voice saying “Jesus Christ is coming again!” In my heart, I know that I need to go back to God but I do not know how. I was hoping for so long that someone will come in our place to visit and help us be revived and awakened in faith.

On day, a church member of Sibaltan came to my house and told me that there will be an evangelistic meeting in our place. I knew that this is the thing that I have been longing for so long. The evangelist invited me to come to their ‘Prophecies of Hope’ Seminar every night. So, I glad responded and attended the meetings as much as I am available.

Attending the seminar brought a life to my dying soul. I learned many things that it is so refreshing to me. The truth was so clear to me that it helped me change my life and go back at the feet of Jesus. Eventually, I stopped mentioning bad words to my children, I am now attending church every Sabbath, and many more changes in my life happened when I draw back to God.

I believe that God sent the evangelist to help me of my spiritual condition. So after the seminar meetings, I saw the opportunity to decide for a re-baptism because I really want to go back to my Father. Having a new life, I have now firmer and stronger reliance to our Lord. I want to serve Him. I will share to others specially to my family about the true church of the Lord. Above all, I will live the truths I learned and live with a character like Christ.
I really thank the Lord for the Prophecies of Hope Seminar, the Amazing Facts Ministry, and to the evangelists. It greatly helped usThank you for being a blessing!

iShare too, is a Great Means 
to Direct People to Jesus

Metro Manila- I am Mansueto Laggui, 47 years old. I am a Born Again Christian but my life did not even represent my denomination. I have been a backslider for several years and my life was all against God’s will. I am enslaved with my vices—cigarette smoking, gambling and even drinking alcoholic beverages. All of these brought a great misery to my life. I had many troubles, challenges, and unsolved problems in life. I felt I had the worst life. I felt so empty and I had many questions about life.

           Then, I was invited by my friend to join a Bible Study. I was even invited to attend their seminar “Prophecies of Hope”. I responded to their invitation that, unknowingly, would change my whole life for the better. As I attended the seminar, I was really blessed with the truths I have learned. All my questions were answered by the Bible. I was convicted with the truths revealed that It made a great impact in my life. I learn to trust God, I eventually felt confident and loved. I then decided to stop my vices; and be loving and patient to my children. Before, my children never respected me but now they already respect and obey my commands. I learn to be humble and have a positive outlook in life.

     The moment when the truths were clearly presented, I have deeply understand everything. I then felt guilty with all my sins. I want to draw back to Jesus. I am like a lost child who found his way back home to His Father. Now, I want to have a deep relationship with God as my Father. So I decided to be baptized and have a new life.

            Now, having a new life, I want to live life according to God’s will. I will live the truths I knew. To share the truth with others is my desire in order for them to experience also the joy and hope of being with Jesus and His second coming.

I praise the Lord for He provided missionaries. The Amazing Facts is such an effective ministry. I like the Storacle Lessons because it is based on the Bible. Praise the Lord! Thank God and thank you PAFCOE!

Carrying on, in Bringing Gems to Jesus
(Children's Program)

Masbate- I am Daryl Marquez, 13 years old, and I am a high school student. As a growing youth, I need my parents to guide me of my decisions. However, I did not have the privilege to be taken care of my parents because they separated when I was still very young. I was just left in my grandma’s house and my life was not easy, not being with my mother and father. Then, I grew very naughty making my life so alone and miserable. I was longing for a motherly and fatherly love and care. I was a Roman Catholic as my parents and grandmother were so, but I never had a deep knowledge about God.
May 9- Daryl together with other souls on their Baptism.

One day, missionaries came to our place in Can-initon, Mandaon, Masbate. The evangelist invited me to attend the children’s program in Prophecies of Hope Seminar. So, I went to the children’s program and I enjoyed being there. The program was so nice that I kept on attending it. I have learned many things about God and His wonders. I learned how God love and died for us just to save us. I love to hear the stories about Jesus. Also, I learn new songs from the Bible. My favorite song is the 10 Commandments. The seminar really made a great impact in my life to be a good girl. My character was changed and I am afraid now to do naughty things. Also, I do not like to eat pork anymore.

When I heard the truth about the Bible and the True Church, I then decided to follow and accept Jesus through baptism. I want to see Jesus in heaven. Now that I have accepted Jesus as my Savior, I am going to apply the things I learned. Young as I am, I am happy to know the truth and I will share it to my family and friends.

Prophecies of Hope Seminar was very nice, a life-changing and a character building seminar. I hope this will happen again in our place. When I am old enough, I will join the Amazing Facts Ministry so that I will be trained also to be a God’s worker. I am very thankful to God that He sent the missionaries. Because of them, I knew Jesus. I am so blessed.

Friends, "When church members put forth earnest efforts...
they will live in the joy of the Lord and will meet with success.  
-Testimonies, vol. 7, p. 30.

God is calling you! 
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Join Batch 8 on August 6-December 9!

Join the Full-time (4 Months) Program and learn the 5 aspects of evangelism:

1. Public Evangelism 
2. Personal Evangelism 
3. Child Evangelism 
4. Health Evangelism 
5. Literature Evangelism 
plus Bible Doctrines, Daniel and Revelation, and many more!

No time for Full-time?

Join iShare - PAFCOE's 12 Sunday program made for you!

 iShare focuses on Personal Evangelism so you can start sharing God's word.

Online Application is now available!

Make sure you meet the following qualifications before you apply:

A. A baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in regular attendance
B. In good standing in the local church and immediate community
C. At least 16 years old (mental & emotional maturity will be assessed)
D. With no known communicable disease
E. Competent English comprehension

Please make sure to click the appropriate link for the program you are applying in to. 
1. Read the PAFCOE ADMISSION DETAILS & POLICY and complete the included AGREEMENT Form:

2. Complete the PAFCOE Student Application Form:

3. E-mail an attachment of a scanned copy of your Baptismal Certificate and Physical Examination Findings to 

*The Physical Examination Findings must NOT be older than 6 months. For Fulltime Program applicants, the physical examination must at least include CBC, Urinalysis, and X-ray. For iShare Program applicants, the physical examination must at least include an X-ray. Original copy of the Baptismal Certificate and Physical Examination Findings must be brought upon final registration process.

4. Let 3 different persons complete the the PAFCOE Applicant Reference Form. Make sure that your referee clicks the appropriate link: 

*References are to be filled out by individuals that are not related to you and have known you for at least a year. Ideally, due to the nature of the question on the reference form, it is best to find individuals that know you in a spiritual or academic setting, but this is not required. Reference suggestions include pastors, teachers, elders/deacons, chaplains, etc.

5. E-mail ( or call ((+63)905-685-7774 / (+63)932-077-6063) the PAFCOE Registrar and make arrangements to pay your registration fee.

*Registration fee is Php 200 for local applicants and $25 for international applicants. Applications without registration fee will not be processed. Registration fee is non-refundable.

6. WAIT for a return communication from the PAFCOE Registrar to know whether your application is approved or declined - only applications with complete requirements will be processed

7. Reply to the registrar's return communication and follow the instructions given.

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Hargreaves moving to Africa!

Some of you might be wondering what has been happening with the Hargreaves as I have been so silent on this blog. Yes, much has happened since the last post I wrote about Pastor Doug coming to Manila.

During the OJT (On the Job Training) time that all our PAFCOE student were out at their various sites doing their evangelistic meetings, our family headed to Zambia, Africa for our own evangelistic meetings there. God richly blessed our work there and you can read the stories from our time there on our new blog Africa Adventures.

One of the reasons that we went to Africa was to check out the possibilities of starting another Amazing Facts School of Evangelism on that great continent. We praise God for the opportunities He is working out for us there and we invite each one of you to follow our new blog and watch the stories of God's leading there in Africa.

So our family is transferring our mission work from the Philippines to Africa to start another school of evangelism there soon. But PAFCOE is not ending! As you saw from the last post by Kevin (the new PAFCOE director), the 8th session/batch of PAFCOE is accepting applicants and will continue under the local Filipino leadership that we have trained to carry on in our absence. So he or his other staff will be the ones posting on this blog from now on.

We encourage each of you to follow the miracles that God will be working in the future both in the Philippines and in Africa! We will certainly miss all our dear friends in the Philippines, but we trust that the school will continue as we launch out into a new location.

May God richly bless you!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

PAFCOE 8th Session Registration is Ongoing - Online Registration is Now Available!

Are you a faithful reader of this PAFCOE blog – enjoying the testimonies of what God is doing here in the Philippines? Maybe God is calling you to come and train at PAFCOE and be a part of the amazing stories He is writing in the lives of His witnesses here in Asia!

The 8th session of PAFCOE begins August 6 and goes until December 9, 2015. PAFCOE trains and equips clergy and lay people in all aspects of evangelistic ministry. We believe that all Christians are called by God to share His saving love and truth with others!
You might like to know you would learn at PAFCOE if you were to enroll. PAFCOE covers 5 aspects of evangelism listed below:

Public Evangelism – Have you ever wondered whether God could use you to be a speaker in a prophecy evangelistic seminar? Are you afraid to speak in public? Would you like to learn how you (yes, you!) can be a public evangelist?

Come train at PAFCOE!

Personal Evangelism – Are you longing to have the confidence when talking to strangers about the Lord or your faith? Are you wondering whether God could use you to be a witness for Him? Are you wishing for more knowledge to be able to give a successful Bible study to others? Are you a seasoned Bible worker seeking to know what to say to bring your Bible study interest to make a decision for Christ?

Come train at PAFCOE!

Child Evangelism – Did you know that God can use you to reach the littlest members of His family – the children? Are you inspired to be a child evangelist, but aren’t sure how to get started? Are you seeking the knowledge of how you can share God’s true church doctrines to the children?

Come train at PAFCOE!


Health Evangelism – Have you been hoping to learn how you can be a medical missionary and use the simple natural remedies in your work for others? Do you want to know how God can use you in the health evangelism ministry – even if you are not a medical professional?

Come train at PAFCOE!

Literature Evangelism – Are you looking for ways to share God’s books to others searching for the truth? Are you afraid to knock on doors because of many past rejections? Do you want to be inspired to know you can be a successful literature evangelist?

Come train at PAFCOE!

But that’s not all! There is more!

Daniel & Revelation – Have you ever wanted to really understand these great prophetic books? Have you wondered what practical lessons you can learn from them? Are you challenged to a deeper understanding?

Come train at PAFCOE!

Bible Doctrines – Do you want to know how to answer difficult Bible questions? Are you wanting to witness for the Lord, but afraid you don’t know the answer to someone’s question? Do you want to deeply understand the doctrines of our church?

Come train at PAFCOE!

Those are just some of the many things you will be learning during the 3 month training program! After the 3 months of class instruction and in-the-field outreach, you will be sent on a one-month OJT (On the Job Training) for public evangelism – for adults or for children.

The experiences you will gain during that one month evangelism program are truly priceless! The stories our students bring back with them are truly evidence that God uses anyone in His great work of soul-winning! One student said, “I am so grateful to PAFCOE for all I have learned! During my OJT, all the things I had been taught came back to me just at the right time I needed them and I knew exactly what to do in each situation! Praise God for using me!”

Maybe you are reading this from another country other than the Philippines. Is God calling you to join, but you aren’t sure how you could come to a foreign country to take the training? In every single session, we have foreign students coming from all over the world and God blesses them just as much as the local students!

God is calling you today to work for Him? Will you answer His call? Will you say, “Yes, Lord, I will go”?

(Contents above were written by Sis. Teresa Hargreaves)

Online Application is now available!

Make sure you meet the following qualifications before you apply:
  • A baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in regular attendance
  • In good standing in the local church and immediate community
  • At least 16 years old (mental & emotional maturity will be assessed)
  • With no known communicable disease
  • Competent English comprehension 

APPLY ONLINE! (click the links):

1. Read PAFCOE ADMISSION DETAILS & POLICY and complete the included AGREEMENT


3. E-mail an attachment of a scanned copy of your Baptismal Certificate and Physical Examination
    Findings to
    *The Physical Examination Findings must NOT be older than 6 months and must at least include
    CBC, Urinalysis, and X-ray. Original copy of the Baptismal Certificate and Physical Examination
    Findings must be brought upon final registration process.

4. Let 3 different persons complete the PAFCOE APPLICANT REFERENCE FORM:
    *References are to be filled out by individuals that are not related to you and have known you for
    at least a year. Ideally, due to the nature of the question on the reference form, it is best to find
    individuals that know you in a spiritual or academic setting, but this is not required. Reference
    suggestions include pastors, teachers, elders/deacons, chaplains, etc.

5. E-mail ( or call ((+63)905-685-7774 / (+63)932-077-6063) the
    PAFCOE Registrar and make arrangements to pay your registration fee.
    *Registration fee is Php 200 for local applicants and $25 for international applicants. Applications
    without registration fee will not be processed. Registration fee is non-refundable.

6. WAIT for a return communication from the PAFCOE Registrar to know wither your application is
    approved or declined - only applications with complete requirements will be processed

7. Reply to the registrar's return communication and follow the instructions given.

You may find more information about the PAFCOE program by going to our website. We look forward to hearing from you and maybe even seeing you as a student in the next session! Hurry now and register before it’s too late!

May God bless you!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pastor Doug in Manila!

In March of 1942, at the height of World War II with Japanese forces advancing on the Philippines, General Douglas MacArthur was forced to leave the islands.  During his departure he made the famous promise, “I shall return.”  And he did, to bring liberty to the Filipinos.

In 2002 Pastor Douglas Batchelor was forced to cut short an evangelistic series at the Cuneta Astrodome because of the tragic death of his oldest son.  Like General MacArthur, Pastor Batchelor promised the Filipino brethren that he would “return,” a promise that he was able to fulfill—not once, but twice!

From March 6 – 14 of this year, Pastor Doug preached to thousands in the same astrodome where he had started meetings in 2002.  “Prophecy Countdown” was an epoch event for Adventists and their friends in Metro Manila.  HOPE television filmed the nightly meetings, and then rebroadcast them the following day to viewers throughout the Philippines. 

God’s word brought liberty to hundreds of guests who attended the nightly meetings and decided to be baptized, and revival to the thousands of church members who came from all parts of Manila.
PAFCOE students and Bible workers participated in many of the activities of the evangelistic series with Pastor Doug, and were thrilled to see their interests joining in the mass-baptisms.  Aside from the many additions to the various churches throughout the sprawling metropolis, “Prophecy Countdown” has been instrumental in launching a new church in a district of Manila that, till now, has had no Seventh-day Adventist church.  PAFCOE Bible workers are continuing to follow up interests in this district with Bible studies and prophecy lectures.

March 2015 has been an eventful month here in Manila for the Amazing Facts School of Evangelism (PAFCOE).  When this month ends, PAFCOE students and staff will again scatter out over the archipelago to conduct about 25 one-month evangelistic campaigns in nine different conferences.  This seventh session of PAFCOE is especially nostalgic for the Hargreaves family, as it concludes thee-and-one-half years of ministry in these islands.  There have been many challenges, but we look back with joy and satisfaction on what God has done through the Amazing Facts ministry here in the Philippines.  

An excellent team of trained teachers and staff is in place to take over the leadership of PAFCOE.  As this 7th session is concluding, we are entrusting the responsibilities of PAFCOE to committed local Filipinos who will be carrying on the program of training laypeople in Southeast Asia to win souls.  We urge those of you who have supported the evangelistic ministry of Amazing Facts here in the Philippines to continue to do so.  PAFCOE especially needs your prayers and support for the next session which is August 6 – December 9, 2015.  Thank you for your continue support!
Kindly remember to pray for the Hargreaves family, as we embark on an evangelistic venture in Africa during the month of April, and also explore options of starting a school of evangelism on that great continent.  We will be in Lusaka, Zambia from April 3 – May 11, our first trip ever to Africa!

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Your friends,
Pastor Lowell & family & the PAFCOE staff

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

7th Session of PAFCOE has begun! :)

We are so excited to share with you that our 7th session of PAFCOE has begun on January 8 and the last 3 weeks have been such a tremendous blessing!

The Lord has given us 30 students who are taking the full-course program and 20 students who have joined the iShare program happening only on Sundays. This is the first program that we have no international students, but our students come from all parts of the Philippines and what a great group they are!

Many things have been happening here at PAFCOE since we began and we are looking forward for what God will do for us in the future!

Outreach has already begun and the students are finding many people interested in doing Bible studies! Soon some of their stories will be posted for you to enjoy!

Next week, our health expo will begin along with the prophecy seminar in which our students will be learning how to do a public evangelistic seminar for either the adults or the children. The area that has been selected as the site for the seminar is a densely populated area, so we are praying for a good number of people to come to the program!

Also another session of the Bible Worker Intern Program has begun, training PAFCOE graduates on how to be a successful Bible worker. This is a big program with 14 interns working mostly in the area of San Juan. This area has no church yet and though many efforts have been done to plant a church there, nothing has proved successful so far. By God's grace and the hard work of our interns, more than 250 Bible studies are being conducted all throughout that "hard" territory! Praise God! By His grace, a church will be planted in San Juan!

Everyone is looking forward for the arrival of Pastor Doug Batchelor, who is coming to Manila for a one week reaping series in March!

God has amazing plans for this session of PAFCOE! Thank you for your prayers and continued support! We look forward to sharing with you what God is doing here in the Philippines!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Just the help you need! (OJT – Part 3)

Just the help you need! Isn’t that what we need when we run into challenges or difficulties? Jasel and Apple found that out on their OJT, located on an island in the central part of the Philippines. Here is their story of what God did for them and how He provided just the help they needed!

Apple, the adult evangelist, said, “I was so happy when we arrived at our site and saw that it was in the countryside, surrounded by trees and mountains. But what was so amazing is that we were staying in such a beautiful house – the loveliest place Jasel and I had ever stayed in! God really prepared everything we needed!”

The venue
Her partner, Jasel, the child evangelist, said, “As we went out for flyer distribution, I felt so weak. Rashes appeared on my hands and feet and my face became reddish until I realized that I had measles. But I couldn’t let the devil win and so I just decided to keep pushing on and start my children’s program anyways. It was very difficult to teach the children while I was fighting the urge to scratch my itchy skin and my hands turning numb sometimes. I had to keep my distance from them because I didn’t want them to get measles, too. Finally, in about a week, I was so happy that most of my symptoms were gone and I was able to have more strength again!”

Jasel singing with the children
She continued, “But then what was so amazing was that God had been giving me just the amount of strength I needed to keep teaching. And He had placed His restraining power over the children to help them be quiet and listen so I wouldn’t have problems in trying to keep them under control. But as I gained strength, the challenges began! The children were getting to know each other and started making noise during the meeting. But God continued to give me just the help and strength I needed to meet their needs. Also in the beginning, the youth and church members came and helped me with preparing all the crafts so it wasn’t difficult for me to do it alone.”

God really provided just what she needed to continue!

Apple continued the story, “We knew the devil didn’t want us to preach certain topics. For example, the origin of evil topic, I had a severe migraine. I earnestly prayed God would take it away and by the time I started my topic, it was gone and I could present with courage!”

Apple preaching
Previous evangelists who had gone to that area had given away free gifts as incentives to keep people attending. However, it’s not the best way to keep an audience because the people aren’t necessarily coming for the truth – they are coming for the free gifts. During Apple and Jasel’s seminar, they realized the people who were attending were really coming for the Word of God – not something free to be given out. In the middle of their program, Apple’s grandfather died and while she was very sad about it, that didn’t stop her from continuing to preach God’s Word!

Another amazing thing that happened was that all during the week, there was no rain. But every Thursday (their free day), the rain poured so heavily they could not even go out. God was holding the rain during the week so the people could come to the meetings!

Back to the children’s program experiences, Jasel reports, “One night, I asked the children to stand for an action song and after we were done, the children were to sit down again. Some of them were refusing to sit down and I insisted they cooperate. Finally some of the other children pulled on those standing to force them to sit down. That made one boy off balance and he tumbled off the chair he had been standing on head first to the floor. The whole thing happened so quickly that I couldn’t believe it had happened! I ran to him and he was crying, but as I checked his head, I was amazed! No bumps, no scratches, nothing! I could only think of one thing: God gave me proof of His protecting power. I led the child to the other end of the room and had him sit down and he was fine. A week later, he still was fine and I praise God for keeping him safe!”

Day by day, the Apple and Jasel continued sharing God’s Word in their site and He richly blessed them! Apple said, “Though this is a hard area, there were people who chose to be baptized! I am so happy and blessed with the testimonies that they shared when we visited with them before they were baptized. We could really see the transformation in their lives! God is really working on their hearts! The backsliders were coming back to church again and there are so many other amazing things that God did during our time there! One of those who were baptized told me that he had almost been killed several times, but that God had saved him so that he could hear the truth and come to know the Lord!”

(From left: Apple, Jasel, the newly baptized candidates and Pastor)
The man who wrote the testimony at the left with Jasel and Apple.
Praise the Lord for those who chose to be baptized at the end of their program! One of them said, “My life before was so bad. But my wife-to-be invited me to the seminar and I came. There I learned that before I was even born, my Creator had thought of me and he knew everything about me! I learned that He is my friend and protector – the One I can turn to at anytime. When I learned so much about this loving Lord, I wanted to give my life to Him. I am precious in His eyes. That’s why I will not allow a single minute to go by without allowing Him to be my Savior and Lord. My life greatly changed during this program. What I once loved to do, I no longer do. I am so grateful to the Lord for sending Amazing Facts to this place to help me learn more about Him! The lectures were so clear and easy to understand and all from the Bible. Praise God for what He did in my life!”

Apple and Jasel's site were one of those who were praying the coming typhoon would not affect their baptism and final meeting. The waves at the beach were high, but that didn't stop the candidates from sealing their decisions for Christ that day!

It was so hard to believe at the end that they had really finished and God had helped them each step of the way. Yes, He had given them all the help and strength they needed to keep going! What was their advice to others?

“Surrender everything to God – even the challenges you face. Remember that it’s God’s work and He will never leave you. Don’t forget your connection with God and don’t get discouraged. God will use you mightily for Him!”

“Pray and trust God always. Have faith in His promises and everything will be just fine. Take every step, one step at a time, holding the hand of the Master Teacher and you will find true success and satisfaction in your work for God.”

Never fear, friends! God will give you just the help you need when you run into challenges! Take courage!