Monday, April 8, 2013

Hidden Bible Truths Revealed begins!

Friday evening, March 22, 2013
The sky was clear with the stars twinkling far above us and Quezon City Memorial Circle has never been as lively as before. At last! Pastor Doug’s promise to return to the Philippines and share the word of God has been fulfilled! March 22, 2013 was the official beginning of Hidden Bible Truths - a seminar series with Pastor Doug Batchelor which revealed the forgotten Christian teachings for the last days.

Our PAFCOE students came earlier than the rest of the audience (at 3 pm) to help out in arranging the many 100s of plastic chairs. The stage was also prepared for the most awaited event. Later on, church members came to help and a few minutes before the program began, everything was ready for God to work that night.

At around 5:30 pm, people started to gather. People from all walks of life from the northern and even some from the southern parts of the Philippines came to witness and be blessed by God’s word and it was not long until the venue was filled with thirsty souls.

The program officially started at 6:15 pm. Graced with lovely music and a startling welcome, the event was filled with gladness and excitement. After the being introduced by Pastor Lowell Hargreaves, at last it was time for Pastor Doug Batchelor to speak. Oh, what joy it was to be among those who heard God’s word as Pastor Doug shared the message entitled Broken Chains!

The crowd was eager to listen. Pastor Doug went through his message with such simplicity that every soul could relate to. Everybody’s interest was intensified as Pastor Doug shared his own personal testimony and eyes were glittering with tears as the listeners meditated upon the message and examined their own life. Every hungering soul was filled and the program ended with such a blessing to each person.

Indeed God is so good, and we praise His name for sending Pastor Doug back in the Philippines!

To be continued...