Friday, April 26, 2013

Pastor Doug at PAFCOE

Great excitement reigned among our group of 37 students on Monday morning, March 25, 2013. As I greeted them all that bright morning, I could sense their excitement for the scheduled classes that day. And as the minutes of our morning worship ticked by, many eyes watched the doorways for someone who would arriving.


Let me explain:

The Amazing Facts president, Pastor Doug Batchelor was coming to teach class for part of the morning. Every evening he was preaching at the Quezon City Memorial Circle to a crowded audience, but in the mornings, he had opportunities for doing other things besides preparing for his lectures every night. So he had agreed to come to PAFCOE and teach our students during the time he was with us.

And all of our dear students (and the staff, too, of course!) felt very privileged and honored to have him teach them! After worship, everyone gathered around him and together with all our students, staff and a few graduates from other sessions, we took a group picture together - shown below:

Class of 2013 - first session (batch)

Pastor Doug taught class for two hours that morning and the second hour was when he answered any Bible questions the students asked, which was very popular and there was not even enough time to answer all of them!
Pastor Doug teaching
More teaching
Each of our students and the staff who listened were so blessed by Pastor Doug coming to class that morning! We thank God for bringing to the Philippines (even though it was a short time!)!
Our staff left to right: (Sha, our assistant cook, Lorrenne [1st session graduate], Maya [2nd session graduate], Dayen, our accountant and child evangelism teacher, Darlyn, our secretary, Me, Pastor Doug, Dad, Mom, Michael, Jasper [2nd session graduate], EJ, our head cook and Kevin, our outreach coordinator.
Stay tuned for further updates!