Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pastor Doug Batchelor arrives!

Since PAFCOE is an Amazing Facts school, we always longed for the day when our president, Pastor Doug Batchelor would be able to visit us and teach our students. After weeks of talking and planning, Pastor Doug finally arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (in Manila) early in the morning on March 20. He came to the Philippines to conduct a series of Evangelistic meeting in fulfillment of his promise to return. Ten years ago, he had to leave the meeting he was conducting upon hearing the news that his son had had an accident and lost his life. However, before leaving his friends, he left a promise to return and speak of the word of God. And now, he is back!

Pastor Doug when he first arrived with the welcome team.
Dad and Pastor Joel Sarmiento accompanied by a welcome team came to meet Pastor Doug. His wife Karen and his son Nathan came the next day (March 21) and surely did receive a very warm welcome.
Pastor Doug and his family
The welcome banner for Mrs. Batchelor and her son.
What a blessing it was to have them here! In the next post, we will tell you more about what happened while they were in the Philippines!