Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pastor Doug at Manila Center Adventist Church

March 23, 2013 (Sabbath Morning)

The doors of Manila Center Adventist Church opened with gladness as we welcomed a very special Sabbath morning. Pastor Doug came to speak for the hour of worship.

The Sabbath program started with a promotional part for Philippine Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism. An orientation on PAFCOE was combined with great moving testimonies of previous sessions' graduates. The promotion was concluded by a presentation of current PAFCOE students and a final call to participate in evangelism. 

Just before the hour of worship began, the children, guided by their teachers, shared God’s word through singing. The church members who came that morning were very pleased with the children's presentation.  Some of the precious gems shared a memory verse and truly it was such a blessing to hear God’s words being spoken those young lips!  But nothing was more thrilling than hearing the children sing the whole Ten Commandments without a miss.
The Church was so filled with so great a crowd. The Balcony was filled and the entrance was overflowing. Extension areas were set up around the church where people can see what is happening as the projector shows the events. Such great gathering in the church was surely a rare one.
Excitement and Reverence filled the great hall as the hour of worship hit the start. Pastor Doug entered the pulpit with the rest of the participants and the usual sequence of the program followed. 

Then just before Pastor Doug begins to speak, Pastor Joel stepped up to give a gift of flowers and garland to Pastor Doug, his wife, and his son. 

 With great delight Pastor Doug extended his thanks and took the chance to take picture of the crowd in front of him.

The great event was crowned with the word of God as Pastor Doug shared about faith, keeping the commandments, and being inside the house of God. The crowd was silenced as they related their life with the faithfulness of Rahab. Great interest was kindled as Pastor Doug related the Rahab a harlot to the true church and emphasized the importance of being inside the church. Praise God for such timely message!

The hour of worship ended just before mid-day and pastor Doug together with his family positioned at the church entrance to shake hands with the crowd on their way out. The crowd was so great and it would not be wise to count the number of hands pastor Doug shook. Others even did not miss the opportunity to take pictures. It was such a great site to see such smiling faces. 

 Thank God for this very memorable, happy Sabbath!