Thursday, April 4, 2013

Life at PAFCOE, part II...

It was an outdoor place. Lots of people came.
After a very successful Health Expo week in the week of February 17-24, we started our evangelistic series called Revelations of Prophecy with my Dad as the speaker. We held the first 4 nights at the Quezon City Memorial Circle, the same place we had held the health expo the previous week.

We praise God for the attendees who came! The exact figures are not known, but I would estimate around 300-400+ came every night.

Here are a few pictures:

Dad preaching.
Children's program (we had around 80 some kids the first night)

Dr. Tam Mateo (a well-known SDA Dr.) did a health lecture the first night, too.

Having prayer with the children.

One of the many beautiful choirs that sang for the meetings.

More of the audience.

Loading chairs (nothing could be left set-up since it was a public place).
After 4 days, we moved the seminar to the Manila Center SDA Church (about 20 minutes from the Circle). Not as many people came, but we still had a good crowd. The children's program was sparsely attended for awhile, until several students found a whole group of "squatters" children who were very excited to learn more about the Bible, so they started bringing them every night to the meeting and what a blessing that was! And those children can sure sing! We were so thankful they came! Here's more pictures:
Dad preaching
The foreigners (An Indonesian student, an African student and an American teacher!)

Our children's group

Dorothy Nelson, her son and 2 grandsons visited here one night.
This seminar went on for almost one month at the church. It was a blessing not only for the attendees, but also for the participants, as well! We praise God for what He wrought during the month of February and March here in Quezon City!