Tuesday, June 2, 2015

PAFCOE 8th Session Registration is Ongoing - Online Registration is Now Available!

Are you a faithful reader of this PAFCOE blog – enjoying the testimonies of what God is doing here in the Philippines? Maybe God is calling you to come and train at PAFCOE and be a part of the amazing stories He is writing in the lives of His witnesses here in Asia!

The 8th session of PAFCOE begins August 6 and goes until December 9, 2015. PAFCOE trains and equips clergy and lay people in all aspects of evangelistic ministry. We believe that all Christians are called by God to share His saving love and truth with others!
You might like to know you would learn at PAFCOE if you were to enroll. PAFCOE covers 5 aspects of evangelism listed below:

Public Evangelism – Have you ever wondered whether God could use you to be a speaker in a prophecy evangelistic seminar? Are you afraid to speak in public? Would you like to learn how you (yes, you!) can be a public evangelist?

Come train at PAFCOE!

Personal Evangelism – Are you longing to have the confidence when talking to strangers about the Lord or your faith? Are you wondering whether God could use you to be a witness for Him? Are you wishing for more knowledge to be able to give a successful Bible study to others? Are you a seasoned Bible worker seeking to know what to say to bring your Bible study interest to make a decision for Christ?

Come train at PAFCOE!

Child Evangelism – Did you know that God can use you to reach the littlest members of His family – the children? Are you inspired to be a child evangelist, but aren’t sure how to get started? Are you seeking the knowledge of how you can share God’s true church doctrines to the children?

Come train at PAFCOE!


Health Evangelism – Have you been hoping to learn how you can be a medical missionary and use the simple natural remedies in your work for others? Do you want to know how God can use you in the health evangelism ministry – even if you are not a medical professional?

Come train at PAFCOE!

Literature Evangelism – Are you looking for ways to share God’s books to others searching for the truth? Are you afraid to knock on doors because of many past rejections? Do you want to be inspired to know you can be a successful literature evangelist?

Come train at PAFCOE!

But that’s not all! There is more!

Daniel & Revelation – Have you ever wanted to really understand these great prophetic books? Have you wondered what practical lessons you can learn from them? Are you challenged to a deeper understanding?

Come train at PAFCOE!

Bible Doctrines – Do you want to know how to answer difficult Bible questions? Are you wanting to witness for the Lord, but afraid you don’t know the answer to someone’s question? Do you want to deeply understand the doctrines of our church?

Come train at PAFCOE!

Those are just some of the many things you will be learning during the 3 month training program! After the 3 months of class instruction and in-the-field outreach, you will be sent on a one-month OJT (On the Job Training) for public evangelism – for adults or for children.

The experiences you will gain during that one month evangelism program are truly priceless! The stories our students bring back with them are truly evidence that God uses anyone in His great work of soul-winning! One student said, “I am so grateful to PAFCOE for all I have learned! During my OJT, all the things I had been taught came back to me just at the right time I needed them and I knew exactly what to do in each situation! Praise God for using me!”

Maybe you are reading this from another country other than the Philippines. Is God calling you to join, but you aren’t sure how you could come to a foreign country to take the training? In every single session, we have foreign students coming from all over the world and God blesses them just as much as the local students!

God is calling you today to work for Him? Will you answer His call? Will you say, “Yes, Lord, I will go”?

(Contents above were written by Sis. Teresa Hargreaves)

Online Application is now available!

Make sure you meet the following qualifications before you apply:
  • A baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in regular attendance
  • In good standing in the local church and immediate community
  • At least 16 years old (mental & emotional maturity will be assessed)
  • With no known communicable disease
  • Competent English comprehension 

APPLY ONLINE! (click the links):

1. Read PAFCOE ADMISSION DETAILS & POLICY and complete the included AGREEMENT


3. E-mail an attachment of a scanned copy of your Baptismal Certificate and Physical Examination
    Findings to pafcoeregistrar@gmail.com
    *The Physical Examination Findings must NOT be older than 6 months and must at least include
    CBC, Urinalysis, and X-ray. Original copy of the Baptismal Certificate and Physical Examination
    Findings must be brought upon final registration process.

4. Let 3 different persons complete the PAFCOE APPLICANT REFERENCE FORM:
    *References are to be filled out by individuals that are not related to you and have known you for
    at least a year. Ideally, due to the nature of the question on the reference form, it is best to find
    individuals that know you in a spiritual or academic setting, but this is not required. Reference
    suggestions include pastors, teachers, elders/deacons, chaplains, etc.

5. E-mail (pafcoeregistrar@gmail.com) or call ((+63)905-685-7774 / (+63)932-077-6063) the
    PAFCOE Registrar and make arrangements to pay your registration fee.
    *Registration fee is Php 200 for local applicants and $25 for international applicants. Applications
    without registration fee will not be processed. Registration fee is non-refundable.

6. WAIT for a return communication from the PAFCOE Registrar to know wither your application is
    approved or declined - only applications with complete requirements will be processed

7. Reply to the registrar's return communication and follow the instructions given.

You may find more information about the PAFCOE program by going to our website. We look forward to hearing from you and maybe even seeing you as a student in the next session! Hurry now and register before it’s too late!

May God bless you!